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Youth Worker Fund

St John Chrysostom Youth Worker Fund



What are we doing to educate our Parish Youth Workers?

  • NAC Teen SOYO has established the St John Chrysostom Youth Worker Fund to meet the needs of better educating Parish Youth Workers.
  • NAC Teen SOYO asks for your help in reaching their goal of raising $250,000.
  • Give today to help Educate a parish Youth Worker
  • Your contribution will provide scholarship help to educate a parish Youth Worker.

Key Milestones:

  • NAC Teen SOYO has raised $150,000

How will we educate our Parish Youth Workers?

  • We have partnered with the Antiochian House of Studies and the Balamand University to provide a three year certificate and a Master Degree in Applied Orthodox Theology with a concentration in Youth Ministry.  Learn more about this education program.
What Can You Do to help?
  • Help us Educate Youth Workers by making an online credit card donation today.
  • You can now make online contributions using your Visa, Master Card, Dinners Club, American Express and Discover Card
  • You may also mail your check payable to "NAC Teen SOYO Youth Worker Fund" to:

NAC Teen SOYO Youth Worker Fund
Department of Youth Ministry
PO Box 389
Westwood MA 02090