The Word has been faithfully published for decades by the Antiochian Archdiocese, and has played a crucial role in the inspiration and education of generations of Antiochian Orthodox Christians.

Each issue of The Word is available online in PDF format.

Here, we're highlighting the best of The Word from recent years. We hope you enjoy this selection of some of the best writing and storytelling in Orthodoxy today.

Authorsort icon Title Date Subjects
The 2012 Visit of Patriarch Ignatius IV to the United States December 2012 Patriarch Ignatius IV
The Orthodox Church Today June 2009 Orthodox Living
Works of the Order in Action: Working Together - Teen SOYO and the Order of St. Ignatius September 2012 order of st ignatius
Antiochian Orthodoxy in the Philippines April 2012
Works of the Order in Action: Theophany School March 2013
order of st ignatius
The Consecrations of Our New Hierarchs, Bishops John, Anthony and Nicholas January 2012
middle east
East Meets West in Ligonier November 2008
Ian and the Family of Believers March 2010
special needs
Philip, Metropolitan Arab Spring or Tornado? June 2013
middle east
Abdalah, Bishop John Do We Need to Rethink the Parish Council? February 2014 parish council
Abdalah, Bishop John Antiochian Unity, the Assembly of Bishops and World Orthodoxy October 2014
antiochian unity
Abdalah, Bishop John Our Time of Uncertainty: God Already Has It Figured Out June 2014 Metropolitan Philip
Abdalah, Bishop John Lent Is a Time For Parish Renewal and Growth March 2012 lent
Abdalah, Bishop John What Can We Do for God's Youth Today? October 2012 youth
Abdalah, Bishop John Christ is Risen! May 2014 Metropolitan Philip repose
Abdalah, Bishop John The Word Interviews Metropolitan Joseph September 2014
Metropolitan Joseph
Abdalah, Fr. John Reflections on Ministering to College-Age Orthodox Christians in a Postmodern World March 2011
Ajalat, Charles The Cloud of Witnesses Chapel June 2006 Church Growth
Al-Zehlaoui, Archbishop Joseph Memorial Address for the Repose of Metropolitan Philip Saliba May 2014 Metropolitan Philip repose
Alexander, Fr. David Finding Scott Hakim May 2010 chaplain
Alexandra, Mother Mother Alexandra's Pilgrimage to Syria and Lebanon January 2011
middle east
Alexandra, Mother The Founding of the Convent of St. Thekla at Antiochian Village September 2009
Antiochian Village
Alexandra, Mother Finding Refreshment at the Annual St. Thekla Pilgrimage December 2011
Antiochian Village
Allen, Fr Joseph Thoughts of Metroplitan PHILIP on Missiology March 2006 Evangelism
Allen, Fr. Joseph The Thoughts of Metropolitan PHILIP April 2006 Theology
Allen, Fr. Joseph An Invitation to Return April 2006 Spirituality
Allen, Kevin An Interview with Charles Ajalat on Orthodox Unity in America, Part 1 March 2008
Allen, Kevin Part II: An Interview with Charles Ajalat on Orthodox Unity in America April 2008
Orthodox Unity
Allen, Kevin Church Growth Orthodox Style May 2007 Evangelism
Allen, Kevin Will We Be Ready for the "Coming Evangelical Collapse"? September 2012 evangelism
Allen, Very Rev. Joseph The Falling Asleep in Christ of The Most Rev. Archbishop PETER (L’Huillier) January 2008
Baine, Katherine Stewardship: Why Do You Give? Have You Asked Yourself Lately? March 2007
Basil (Essey), Bishop Mary, Our Cause of Rejoicing May 2012
Bernard, Gina Helping Martin Succeed March 2009
special needs
Bitar, Fr. Elias Thoughts on Living with Cancer April 2011 health
Bray, Geoffrey Works of the Order in Action: Project Mexico May 2013
order of st ignatius
project mexico
Buhler, Keith Friends with Holiness: My St. Stephen’s Residency March 2012
Antiochian Village
st stephens course
Burns, Rick What is Primary to Orthodox Spirituality? November 2006 Spirituality
Close, Cameron Robert 2008 Oratorical Festival Winner: Cameron Robert Close September 2009
Cook, Gregory Words We Live By: ORTHODOX & American Ideals In Foundational Texts May 2008 Spirituality
Corey, Joy Antiochian Women: The Be-attitudes of a Servant December 2007
Antiochian Women
Cramer, Douglas Bringing Light to the World Wide Web: Antiochian Archdiocese Online March 2008
Cramer, Douglas Into the Heart of Antioch: The North American Delegation to the Antiochian Unity Conference September 2014 antiochian unity conference
Croitoru Scott, Renee Works of the Order in Action: The Treehouse April 2013
order of st ignatius
Cross, Dn. Andrew Lights Camera Action. Orthodoxy Now June 2007 Communication
Daly, Fr. Daniel I Am A Consumer October 2008
Orthodox Living
Damick, Fr. Andrew Stephen Theophany or Twelfth Night: Which Do You Choose? March 2007 Theology
DeJonge, David Beyond the Image: A Photographer's Journey to Orthodoxy March 2013 iconography
Editors Orthodox World: Romanian Orthodox Church Elects New Patriarch October 2007 Bishops
Editors The Word interviews Very Rev. Anthony Yazge, new Antiochian Village Camp director November 2006 Antiochian Village
Editors SCOBA Recognition of Fr. Paul Schneirla May 2008 SCOBA
Editors St. George of Troy, Michigan Triple Celebration December 2006
Metropolitan PHILIP
Editors Metropolitan Silouan Elected for Archidiocese of Argentina December 2006 bishops
Editors The Al-Kafaàt Foundation October 2007 Charity
Editors Communities in Action May 2007
Metropolitan PHILIP
Editors Metropolitan PHILIP Receives an honory Doctorate at St. Tikhon’s Seminary Graduation September 2007 Metropolitan PHILIP
Ellaham, Nicholas Fellowship Footnotes June 2009 fellowship of st john the divine
Ellias, Fr. Michael The Cedars of Lebanon and Our New Bishops March 2012
middle east
Ellias, Fr. Michael Works of the Order in Action! February 2012
order of st ignatius
Works of the Order
Esper, Metropolitan SABA The Diaconate in the Church Today February 2008
Fenton, Fr. John In Praise of New Martyrs October 2014
Finley, Fr. John Works of the Order in Action: Department of Missions and Evangelism February 2013
order of st ignatius
Fr. Ilyas Kurban The Passion Week And Holy Saturday April 1958
Holy Week
Passion Week
Holy Saturday
Gabriel, Economos Antony A Farewell to Patriarch Ignatius IV: A Personal View January 2013 Patriarch Ignatius IV
Gallaway, Fr. Thomas The Sacred Nature of Sex May 2006 Spirituality
Ghassa-Khalil, Odeese M. Arabic Culture December 2011 arabic
Gillam, Fr. Joel Evangelism 2.0: Modern Communication leads to Ancient Faith and Communion June 2012 Evangelism
Gillquist, Very Rev. Peter Retrospective on the EOC Reception into the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese September 2007 Evangelism
Griffith, Fr. Daniel The Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord January 2010
Gythiel, Anthony Translation as a Means of Grace January 2012 language
Harmon, Fr. Andrew Are Your Ears Burning? September 2012 trinity
Harmon, Fr. Andrew Love Your Enemies January 2014 love
Hogg, Kh. Cynthia A Mother's Reflections on Her Son's Ordination May 2012
Homsey, Harvey H.H. Stewardship: Why My Family Tithes May 2006 Fundraising
Horton, Fr. Gregory Where's Bonner's Ferry? March 2009
Church Growth
Humphrey, Chris Why Fast? February 2010 fasting
Humphrey, Christopher Orthodoxy and the Unborn Child May 2009 abortion
Huneycutt, Fr. Joseph The Faith. It's Simple. (Really.) October 2006 Theology
Huneycutt, Fr. Joseph The Prayer Discipline of St. Philip the Evangelist December 2007
St. Philip
Jaime, Janet Letting the Light of Christ Shine Through: Icons and Iconographers April 2011 iconography
Khalil Jr., Daniel G. My Damascus Summer December 2009
Khouri, Bishop Antoun Bishop Antoun Reflects on His Life in the Archdiocese, Metropolitan Philip, and Metropolitan Joseph September 2014
Metropolitan Philip
Bishop Antoun
Khoury, Maria C. Building Faith by Reading March 2009
Kinan, Mark Icons from Sinai February 2008 Spirituality
Kousaie, Venise How the Sacred Music Institute Changed My Life March 2011 music
Lengyel-Leahu, Madeleine Winner of the 2011 Oratorical Contest: Madeleine Lengyel-Leahu September 2011
oratorical festival
Orthodox Living
Long, Forrest Journeying East: Finding Spiritual Sanctuary in the Eastern Orthodox Church April 2007
Madden, Rita Eating in an Anciently Refreshing Way December 2010 food
Magnuson, Curtis Lessons from a Bible Puppet Theater June 2009
Makoul, Fr. Joshua The Pursuit of God's Peace in an Anxious World October 2011 spirituality
Manzuk, Rdr. Daniel Great and Holy Saturday: The Forgotten Feast April 2008 Holy Saturday
Manzuk, Rdr. Daniel Why a Fast for Dormition? June 2008
Manzuk, Rdr. Daniel An Orthodox Perspective on Tolerance June 2012 tolerance
Manzuk, Rdr. Daniel Marriage: Society's View vs. Reality November 2008 marriage
Mathewes-Green, Frederica Men and Church December 2007 Spirituality
Michaels, Fr. Anthony Conciliarity in the Orthodox World View November 2006 Spirituality
Miller, Scott Works of the Order in Action: The More You Know Them, The More You Love Them November 2012 order of st ignatius
Miller, Scott Works of the Order in Action: Married Seminarians Assistance November 2012 order of st ignatius
Morelli, Fr, George Smart Parenting XVIII and Smart Pastoring: A Spiritual Child is a Happy Child April 2010 children
Morelli, Fr. George Good Marriage: How an Attitude of Entitlement Undermines Marriage May 2007
Morelli, Fr. George The Parenting Vocation: Living the Life of Christ March 2006 Spirituality
Morris, Fr. John The Holy Tradition and the Veneration of Mary and other Saints in the Orthodox Church June 2007
Morris, Fr. John An Orthodox Response to the Recent Roman Catholic Declaration on the Nature of the Church October 2007 Theology
Morrison, Karen A Missionary’s Journey into Orthodoxy in Turkana March 2014
Nahas, Jennifer Works of the Order in Action: OCF Conferences March 2012
order of st ignatius
Najim, Fr. Michel An Antiochian Christian Viewpoint on the Gospel of Judas June 2006 Theology
Nasr, Economos Constantine Marriage and Family Retreat October 2006 Spirituality
Nasr, Very Rev. Constantine Orthodox Unity: A Local Example January 2008 Unity
Nasser, Fr. Michael Works of the Order in Action: "Give Me a Boost" May 2012
order of st ignatius
Nassif, Bradley Reclaiming the Gospel March 2006 Evangelism
Nicholas, Bishop The Role of Women in the Orthodox Church May 2013 women
Nimey, Cindy Antiochian Women Celebrate Their 35th Anniversary March 2008 AOW
Nova, Andrew The Authenticity of Orthodoxy in a Post-Modern World June 2006 Orthodox Living
O'Connor, Mary Winstanley Works of the Order in Action: Message from the North American Chairman June 2012 order of st ignatius
Olson, Gresham All Things are Possible Through Christ October 2014
oratorical winner
loving God
Olson, R. Leo So Many Calendars, So Little Time April 2010 calendar
Panorama Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Honors Metropolitan PHILIP with the John Anderson Award April 2007
Metropolitan PHILIP
Paulick, Melanie From Lent to Pascha: The Journey of the People of God April 2009
PHILIP, Metropolitan Eulogy of Ernest J. Saykaly April 2006 Metropolitan PHILIP
PHILIP, Metropolitan Metropolitan PHILIP's Address at St. Tikhon's Seminary Commencement October 2007 Metropolitan PHILIP
PHILIP, Metropolitan Reflection of Metropolitan Philip on His Fortieth Anniversary December 2006
Metropolitan PHILIP
PHILIP, Metropolitan Metropolitan Philip's Address to the 48th Archdiocesan Convention General Assembly September 2007 Metropolitan PHILIP
PHILIP, Metropolitan Metropolitan PHILIP Addresses Archdiocese Convention September 2009
Metropolitan PHILIP
Antiochian Archdiocese
Philip, Metropolitan His Eminence Metropolitan Philip's Address to the Archdiocese Assembly September 2013
Metropolitan Philip
archdiocese convention
Philip, Metropolitan Patriarch Ignatius IV: An Incarnational Theologian January 2013 Patriarch Ignatius IV
Powley, Fr. Stephen What is the Difference between a Cradle Orthodox Person and a Convert? November 2011
Purpura, V. Rev. Dr. Joseph F. Are We Doing Enough For Our Teens? May 2008 Teen SOYO
Randolph, Fr. David J. Postmodern Young People and the Liturgy January 2012 youth
Reardon, Fr. Patrick Delegation to Syria November 2011
middle east
Robbat, Violet K. Antiochian Women Celebrate 40th Anniversary December 2013 Antiochian Women
Robbat, Violet K. The Conference on Antiochian Unity October 2014
Robbat, Violet K. I Am an Antiochian Woman March 2013 Antiochian Women
Royhab, Roberta The Children Are Not Afraid September 2009
Royhab, Roberta Why the Church Needs Monasteries April 2011 monasticism
Saba, Tom Navigating through Africa and Led by the Cross January 2007 Evangelism
Salaris, Fr. Stephen "Sneak Previews" of the Heavenly Kingdom May 2006 theology
Salaris, Fr. Steven C. Preaching Christ Crucified at Christmas December 2007
Salaris, Fr. Steven C. Preaching Christ Crucified at Theophany January 2010
Salaris, Fr. Steven C. Preaching Christ Crucified at the Feast of the Transfiguration October 2008 Transfiguration
Salaris, Fr. Steven C. Monasticism: The Angelic Evangelic Life March 2010 monasticism
Salem, Mother Melania Insanity and Demonic Possession in Patristic Thought May 2009
Samara, Khalil Works of the Order in Action: Learning Christian Living through the Orthodox Camping Experience April 2012
order of st ignatius
Samara, Khalil The Spiritual Director: A Guide and Mentor January 2007 Spirituality
Sayfie, Eugene M. The Great Man and the Friend June 2014 Metropolitan Philip
Shadeed,Christopher NAC SOYO President's Message on Unity Sunday March 2008 Teen SOYO
Shadid, Christopher Antiochian Village: Its Influence on A Seminarian, A Parish, and the Youth of Our Archdiocese November 2012 Antiochian Village
Smith, Bryan Education in Christ The Growth of Orthodox Schools April 2007
Stroud, James Bronson Our Church: Baptized by Fire and Water June 2009 Church Growth
THOMAS (Joseph), Bishop Care at the End of Life: What Orthodox Christianity Has to Teach February 2009
Orthodox Living
THOMAS (Joseph), Bishop The Emergence of Local Orthodox Christian Societies in America February 2010
THOMAS (Joseph), Bishop An Orthodox University: Higher Education for Orthodox Christians September 2011 Education
Trenham, Fr. Josiah Cultivating Inexpressible Joy March 2011
Trenham, Fr. Josiah New Creation in Christ: How Jesus Changed Us and Our Marriages May 2011 marriage
Truslow, John Expectations for Giving in Christ’s Love March 2009
Truslow, John A Vision for Orthodox Christian Parish Life June 2009
Church Growth
Parish Life
Truslow, John Summa Contra “Fundraisers” January 2008 Fundraising
Veronis, Fr. Luke A. An Incredible Calling in Life March 2006
Wickes, Julia About Ancient Faith Radio March 2008 Evangelism
Winfrey, Fr. John Soul Mates April 2010 marriage
Wright, Genevieve A Son's Journey to the Priesthood October 2008
Yacio, Judy First National Conference on Orthodox Schools Confirms Yearning to Promote Christian Learning Environment October 2007
Yazge, Fr. Anthony Where Do You Stand? January 2009 Teen SOYO