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The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America was founded in 1973 through the Vision of His Eminence Metropolitan Philip (Saliba) of Thrice-Blessed Memory. Today, it is an organization of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese and is led by His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph. Our purpose is to develop among the women a spirit of Christian leadership, awareness, and commitment; to foster a genuine expression of love and service through works of charity; and to install a sense of fellowship and a deeper understanding of our Holy Orthodox Faith. We are a "Sisterhood Serving Christ Through Serving Others."

The Antiochian Women are organized according to Dioceses, but come together for communication and collaboration through the North American Board (NAB), which consists of officers, coordinators, and delegates from each Diocese. On this website, we post information on our programs (Religious, Humanitarian, Membership), our grants, and spiritual resources, which includes the lives of the women saints and "How to Read the Bible in a Year." Back issues of our newsletter, DIAKONIA, and our religious programs, SOPHIA, can also be found on this site in PDF format.

His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph once said, "When everyone left our Lord Jesus Christ alone on the cross, the women were there. Can you see how important the women are? You are the myrrhbearing women!"

We welcome women from the ages of 19 to 99, and urge you to join us in our ministry, remembering that EVERY woman in the Antiochian Archdiocese is an "Antiochian Woman"!


Hungry Children at Home and Abroad

by Kh. Suzanne V. Murphy, Vice-President of the North American Board, Antiochian Women, The Word, October 2015

"Feed Hungry Children" – His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph has given this task to the Antiochian Women as the NAB Project for 2015–2016. Generosity towards the poor and vulnerable is one of the fundamental marks of a Christian heart. His Eminence has made the care of hungry children the fundamental focus for our fundraising in the year ahead.

This is a task that the Antiochian Women gladly accept. The care of children – especially poor and hungry children – motivates us to immediate action! The immensity of this task seems overwhelming. Our task, however, is not to eradicate hunger; our task is to feed hungry children. As St. Paul reminds us, when faced with such an enormous task, we must "not grow weary of doing good" (2 essalonians 3:13). We remember, too, that when the Apostles went out into the whole world, they did not work alone, because "the Lord worked with them, and conrmed their message by accompanying it with miracles" (Mark 16:20).

We also should keep in mind that the depth and sincerity of our Christian faith will be measured by our Lord on the Last Day by how we have responded to those who are in need. In the following passage, the first measure of our godliness is evidenced by how we respond to those who are hungry:

Greetings From New Antiochian Women President, Dianne O'Regan

August 2015

I send you greetings on behalf of the new officers and coordinators of the North American Board (“NAB”) of the Antiochian Women.  We were blessed to have been sworn in by His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 during the Archdiocese Convention in Boston, Massachusetts.

Earlier that same day at the Antiochian Women’s brunch, we were honored to present a check for $142,724.42 to Metropolitan Joseph – in the presence of His Beatitude John X – for our 2014-15 Project:  “Nurturing the Seeds of Orthodoxy Across North America: Regional Camps and Learning Centers and Monastic Communities.”  We also presented His Eminence with a check for additional contributions to our 2013-14 Project to “Help the Orphans of War in Syria,” for a combined total of $300,095.00.  God bless each of you for your magnificent efforts. 

Knowing that we will not allow ourselves rest, Metropolitan Joseph tasked us with a NEW Project: “Hungry Children At Home and Abroad.”  Read information about this very worthy cause from our Vice-President/NAB Project Coordinator, Kh. Suzanne Murphy.

2015-2017 Antiochian Women Officers Elected at Archdiocese Convention in Boston

The following officers of the North American Board (NAB) of the Antiochian Women were elected for the 2015-2017 term at the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese Convention in Boston:

President: Dianne O'Regan from the Diocese of Toledo & the Midwest (

Vice-President/NAB Project Coordinator: Kh. Suzanne Murphy from the Diocese of Ottawa, Eastern Canada, & Upstate New York (

Recording Secretary: Sheryl VanderWagen from the Diocese of Toledo & the Midwest (

Treasurer: Fadia Juzdan from the Diocese of Charleston, Oakland, & the Mid-Atlantic (

Public Relations: Melinda Bentz from the Diocese of Los Angeles & the West (

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