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Study Scripture Within Tradition: New Orthodox Digital Resources Available from Logos Bible Software

More than two years in the making, an exciting new lineup of Orthodox digital libraries is now available from Faithlife, the makers of Logos Bible Software.

Based in the coastal town of Bellingham, Washington, Faithlife has been making digital tools to help people study the Scriptures for over twenty years.

Around two and a half years ago, Faithlife hired an Orthodox Christian named Gabe Martini, known for his blog On Behalf of All and his close work with Ancient Faith Ministries. Gabe was brought to Faithlife in part to help develop a new lineup of what they call “base packages,” focused entirely on Orthodox Christians.

Gabe and his family converted to the Orthodox faith several years ago under the mentorship of the newly reposed Fr. Alexander Atty, then head priest of St. Michael the Archangel Antiochian Orthodox Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Gabe was originally in Louisville to attend a Baptist seminary, but was drawn to Orthodoxy by his studies in Church history and through a simple visit to St. Michael’s one Sunday.

“I had never experienced anything so beautiful and real in my entire life,” Gabe said. “I knew from our very first visit, that was where we needed to be. I knew it was the apostolic Church.”

What excites Gabe most about these new Orthodox libraries from Logos is that they can be used to reach thousands, even millions for the Gospel.

“While many Faithlife customers are Christians of various backgrounds, having Orthodox content from Ancient Faith Publishing—and a number of other Orthodox publishers—will get these resources in the hands of those who may not normally seek them out.”

Reminded of the apostolic spirit of missionary work in the See of Antioch, Gabe hopes “these new base packages will serve as an aid to evangelism, and not merely better homily preparation for our priests and clergy—though they will certainly do that!”

To learn more about Orthodox base packages and Logos Bible Software, visit the Orthodox landing page on by clicking here. They are currently available for an introductory discount of 15% off, and there are dozens of other new titles of interest to Orthodox Christians on the way.