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House of Studies 35th Anniversary Celebration + Sept. 4-6, 2015

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On behalf of Metropolitan Joseph, Primate of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese, we are pleased to announce the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the Antiochian House of Studies (AHOS).

The festivities and academic program will officially be held at the Antiochiam Village, from Friday, September 4th to Sunday, September 6th. The theme is:

"Orthodox Theological Education:
St. Raphael to Modernity."

The program will feature expositions of St. Raphael's era of theological education at the Halki Seminary, up to our contemporary endeavors.

Featured speakers include, the Dean of the Institute of St. John of Damascus at the University of Balamand, Fr. Porphyrios Georgi,Ph.D., along with other AHOS faculty and graduates of our Doctoral of Ministry program in lectures, panels pf experts, and special presentations. In a yearlong preparation for this celebration, the thesis of St. Raphael has been translated from the Patristic Greek in which it was written to English and Modem Greek by Rev. Patrick Viscuso, Ph.D., from the Patristic Greek in which it was written, and further translated from English to Arabic by Dr. Adnon Trabulsi.

His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph will preside over the weekend events and, with Fr. Porphyrios, will present the Masters Degrees and Masters Crosses to the candidates at the Grand Banquet on Saturday Evening, September 5th. He will then lead us in the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, which will officially close the celebration, on Sunday, September 6th.

The AHOS Alumni Association will hold its meetings on Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th. Alumni of all AHOS programs as well as second- and third-year St. Stephen's students are eligible for Alumni Association membership and ofiices. All eligible members present may vote and hold executive offices.

Again: In order to be with us from the start, you should arrive on Thursday, September 3rd, ready to begin that evening and proceed into the heart of this illuminating weekend, September 4-6, 2015.

For reservations, please contact Todd Mokhiber at "Events," telephone (724) 23 8-3677, ext. 404, or by email at

For information, please contact either Ms. Cheri Mullins, AHOS Director of Residency at; or Registrar Archdeacon Peter Boulukos at the AHOS office, (201) 569-0095,

We look forward to seeing our many AHOS graduates and current and faculty at this wonderful program as we connect, exchange ideas, and enjoy fellowship with each other.

Rev. Joseph Allen, Th.D.


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