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Welcome to the Antiochian House of Studies.

For more than thirty years, the House of Studies has been a “school without walls,” offering people throughout the world an empowering and enlightening graduate education.

Due to its unique character as a distance-learning institution, the House of Studies fills an invaluable niche in today’s educational milieu.

The House of Studies is physically headquartered in Pennsylvania under the leadership of the Orthodox Church. We service Christians from all walks of life. Past and current students have included people from the Eastern, Coptic, and Oriental Orthodox traditions; Roman and Eastern Catholics; and students from a variety of Protestant denominations.

With affordable tuition and flexible scheduling, the House of Studies offers students, parents, or full-time professionals the ability to pursue an Orthodox theological education.

Our students write:

+ I have cherished the personal growth, a new appreciation of the Faith, and camaraderie with fellow priests and colleagues. If it were for this alone, I would have entered the program. [But it has also] enriched my pastoral ministry in many ways, and I know that it has benefited my parish as well, because it has sensitized me to their needs and concerns.

I cannot tell you how wonderful an experience it was at The Antiochian Village this past week for The St. Stephens Course of Study! This was my first residency in the Program; and, to be totally honest, I was very apprehensive the week before, and was uncomfortable when I arrived on Sunday. By Monday afternoon, I felt completely at home! I attribute this to the holy location, the administrative staff, the faculty, my fellow students, and God! The Antiochian Village is truly a special and unique place, made even better by the people who care so much to make it the highest quality experience, to serve God, and to actively demonstrate striving to be as Christ. I appreciate everything you have done and cannot wait to return for the next two sessions.

My favorite class was the Liturgics class with Fr. Bitar because it allowed students to ask questions regarding church life. The evening when His Grace Bishop Michael joined us was really wonderful as he gave us some insight to the differences and similarities between North American Orthodox Churches. I also enjoyed Father Joseph Antypas' course on doctrine as he spoke at length on the influences of ancient philosophies and their impact on the early church. Much of the reading I have done had not completely tied these philosophies to Orthodoxy, but Fr. Antypas summed them in a way I could understand. The gala dinner was a nice ending to the week as I enjoyed the music selections, speakers, and the food.

Glory to God!