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Special Broadcast of Ancient Faith Today to Discuss "Crisis in Syria"

Update: Live recordings of this broadcast are now available:

Part I and Part II

Crisis in Syria, a Special Broadcast of Ancient Faith Today with Kevin Allen this Sunday, September 8 at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST

Chesterton, IN (September 5, 2013)In light of the President's call for a “limited” military strike on Syria, Kevin Allen, the host of Ancient Faith Today, will speak live with Middle Eastern experts about the complex crisis in Syria, its main players and their interests, and what effects an American military attack will have on Syria, its struggling Christian population, and the region. The program will stream live on Ancient Faith Radio's Talk station on Sunday, September 8, at 8:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Central. Listeners will be able to hear and respond to a different perspective on the crisis in Syria than what is typically heard on the mainstream news.

Kevin will be joined by Dr. Najib Saliba, Professor of History at Worcester State College and a member of both the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) and the Arab-American University Graduate Association. Samuel Noble is a researcher in medieval Arabic Orthodox Christianity and a Ph.D. candidate in Religious Studies at Yale University. He specializes in numerous forms of Arabic and has especially focused his research on Arabic and Syriac Orthodox Christianity in the Middle East from the 8th to the 18th centuries. 

Listen to an audio promotion for the program here.