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Saint Babylas

 St. Babylas

Troparion in Tone 4

In your manner a participant, And in Your throne a successor of the Apostles. You did discover action an entrance into visions, O Inspired one of God! Therefore directing the Word of Truth, You did suffer for the faith even unto blood. O Bishop and Martyr Babylas, Pray to Christ our God That our souls may be saved.

Comemorated on September 4th

Kontakion in Tone 4

O Holy Bishop and Martyr Babylas, You stored the great mysteries of the faith in your heart and preserved them there, And as a faithful servant of Christ, You had no fear of the enemy: Therefore be a guardian also for us!


The lives of the saints are truly incredible.  To think that someone would literally "give up their life" for something they believed in; now that is true love.  The same love saints portray through their acts of martyrdom, Christ displayed to us through His death on the cross.   I am extremely touched by stories of saints who willingly died for Christ, the Lamb,  who sacrificed Himself for our sakes.
The beloved Saint Babylas, the Patriarch of Antioch, is one of the many Holy Martyrs who reminds us that nothing of this world is good.  The only true "good" gift comes from Christ, alone. 
Holy bishop Babylas was elected Patriarch of Antioch in the year 237.  He was beyond doubt a good shepherd, who continually took care of the widows and orphans who lived in his Patriarchate.  During this time, the governor of Antioch was a pagan named Numerian.  He was very malicious, committing many cruel acts and murdering many people.   Numerian also hated all followers of Christ.
Numerian decided to go into the Christian church in Antioch and mock it.  The holy patriarch, Babylas, met him at the gate, and prohibited him to enter the church.  The governor then became enraged and sent soldiers to arrest Saint Babylas. 
At that time, there were three young orphans living in the house of the patriarch.  These young boys were arrested also with Saint Babylas.  They were brought before the governor, and he demanded that Saint Babylas make a public apology for refusing to allow him into the church.  The patriarch not only refused to do this, but instead, told the Numerian to give up his sinful way of life.  This obviously angered Numerian and he ordered that the saint be beaten and tortured.  Numerian also tried to get the three boys to renounce Christ by bribing them with "all kinds of good things."  They all refused, and declared, "We are followers of Christ, and we will be happy to die for Him.  You do not have any good things to give us, for all good things come only from Christ." 
The governor became completely outraged.  He had Patriarch Babylas and the three young boys beaten and persecuted so terribly that all four of them died from the extreme agony. 
Once again, Saint Babylas and the three young boys remind us of how we should strive to live for Christ.  In Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans he says, "Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us" (Romans 8:37).  "Neither DEATH nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing shall be able to SEPARATE us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 8:38-39).  I think these verses wonderfully depict that NOTHING in this world; tribulation, distress, or persecution; can separate us from the love of Christ. 
It is very apparent that Saint Babylas knew this, and with that knowledge, he put his faith in Christ.  We, as Orthodox Christians, need to be continually reminded to keep the steadfast faith in our Lord and to strive to be like Christ, just as the saints. 









- Jessica Makdsi -

SWR Treasurer

St. Michael Beaumont, TX