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From the Publications Center and AV Bookstore: Nativity Resources for Families, at Sale Prices

Nativity resources at discounted prices are now available for families from the Archdiocese's Publications Center and Bookstore at Antiochian Village. (Download the flyer and order form.)

Some of them include:

  • The Biggest Birthday Party, an Advent Calendar for kids age 3-6:  This activity book includes 4"x4" pieces of a Nativity icon, to be colored and assembled on a provided master sheet during the twelve days leading up Christmas. An introduction and suggestions for using the Calendar open the book. References to the appropriate Bible verses for each piece and a narrative related to each section of the icon are included.
  • Praise the Lord Christmas Workbook, for grades 3-6 and families:  Games, puzzles, activities, explaining the themes, events and people, and the ways all creation will welcome Jesus.
  • How About Advent, for families:  This booklet includes activities on several levels to help everyone make the spiritual journey, centered in readings from the Scriptures to create a picture of the Nativity of Jesus Christ.
  • Prepare O Bethlehem! The Feast of the Nativity, a book for families:  The beauty and power of the Hymns of the Prefeast and Feast of the Nativity Christ come to life in this book! Beautifully illustrated by Niko Chocheli, the book presents the hymns that celebrate and proclaim in word and song the heavenly joy of the Incarnation. Chocheli’s work presents in a touching way the all-embracing participation of His creatures in their Creator's coming. Hard cover, 32 pages.
2015 Advent Order Form, Publications Center and Bookstore (PDF)1006.22 KB