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Parish Council Workshop with Fr. Timothy Ferguson

Bishop John met with clergy and Parish Council members of ten of the eleven parishes of the Diocese of Worcester and New England on January 11, 2013 at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Lowell. After a beautiful liturgy led by the bishop surrounded by all of the presbyters and deacons, Bishop John offered some remarks about the role and mission of the Parish Council. This was followed by a workshop led by Fr. Timothy Ferguson about Orthodox Christian Leadership, oriented to who we are as persons and Christians. The group then brainstormed a list of parish council etiquette for better and more productive parish council meetings.

After a short break to serve lunch, our workshop continued with an open discussion with the bishop concerning the challenges facing our councils today as we minister to a post-Christian world. The group asked for more regular gatherings of the councils of the Diocese and future workshops about stewardship, outreach, evangelism and parishioner commitment.

Download some highlights and notes of the day  or select "Read More" to view more photos.