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An Open Letter from the Heritage Foundation Chairman, Economos Antony Gabriel

Dear fellow Antiochian,

Saint John Chrysostom once exclaimed: Glory to Thee, O God, For all things!

"Lest, we forget."

Yes, we give thanks to Almighty God for all of our beloved pioneers who knitted the fabric of our God Protected Archdiocese.

Throughout the years we have witnessed greatness in some of the most simple moments as well as clergy. It is almost unimaginable today how the early clergymen carved out their lives with some of the most difficult of circumstances, both financially as well as spiritually. From the earliest days in North America, our clergy, their wives and families played a pivotal role in the development and maturation of the Antiochian Church on New Shores. They have inspired us by their strenuous sacrifices and their sweet liturgical services which formed us and to this day, and their wisdom enlightened our paths towards the priesthood.

The Antiochian Archdiocese is built on the labors of our forefathers in the priesthood. Antioch produced a "Cloud of Witnesses to the Gospel of Christ," many of whom came to North America and the following generations followed in their footsteps building churches, parish halls establishing a mosaic of organizations to meet the spiritual needs of the emerging generation of Antiochian Orthodox Christians. It is axiomatic that there were few rewards for their labors.

Therefore the time has arrived that we must honor their memories. Working with a small committee as noted in the open letter as published in The Word, an Honor Wall is being designed to be built in the Antiochian Village Heritage Center that will include the name of your beloved.

It is with humility that we have undertaken this project and we turn to each family and each parish to financially support this most worthy endeavor, "Lest We Forget."

You may make your check to the Antiochian Heritage Foundation earmarked "Honor Wall." Underline in this matter the commitment of giving thanks to Almighty God, for our loved ones who have transmitted "The Faith of our Fathers" to us and the rich heritage that has been gifted to us.

In Christ,

Economos Antony Gabriel, Chairman
Antiochian Heritage Foundation