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Department of College Ministry Alert: Sign up Collegians for OCF's First Forty Days Program

Father Anthony Yazge, Chair of the Department of College Ministry, reminds all parents, Sunday School teachers, youth workers, parish priests, and Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) alumni about OCF's First Forty Days program.

Christina Andresen, OCF's manager of Chapter Relations, writes: "It is imperative that we personally contact every first-year Orthodox college student so that they know that an Orthodox family awaits them on campus. This initiative, called the First Forty Days, has our local OCF student leaders, spiritual advisors, and lay coordinators introducing themselves to all incoming students, making sure that they know about Orthodoxy on campus and nearby Orthodox parishes.

We are asking that each parish provide us with basic information about their high school graduates who will be attending college in the fall.

You may submit your student contact information at You will also find there a downloadable spreadsheet for large parishes which can be emailed to us at

We respectfully request that you send us this information no later than July 15, 2015 so that we can organize it for our chapter leaders well in advance of the fall semester.

Please be assured that contact information will only be released internally to our OCF network. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at On behalf of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship, I wish to thank you for joining us in this effort."