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Medical Program

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Medical"It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick."




Metropolitan SABA has established a medical clinic to show God’s mercy and healing to all in need. Two physicians are needed to provide care to the population. The clinic has just begun to acquire some medical equipment, but great needs still exist. They hope to have a rudimentary laboratory soon.

Needs to be met and future goals:

  • Funds for two physicians at $200 per month each (total $4800 per year)
  • Funds for medical equipment and medicine.
  • Medical mission trips with U.S. health care providers

How can you help?

Parish Support:

  • Sponsor a physician for a year
  • Hold a special fundraiser to be used for the medical program in Hauran
  • Conduct prayer services for the doctors and patients in Hauran

Individual Support:

  • Provide support for one physician for one month ($200)
  • Donate a monthly gift to support the medical clinic

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Organize a health screening event with health professionals in your parish
  • Organize health professionals within the parish to sponsor a physician
  • Hold a “Healthy Foods Luncheon” emphasizing heart healthy foods
  • Give a series of health lectures provided by local health care providers

There are so many possibilities for fundraising and education. This is not a definitive list. Please use your community’s resources and talents to contribute in a way that suits your church.