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Kindergarten Program

The Hauran Connection

Kindergarten"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."



Two kindergarten programs, one in Al-Sweda and one in Daraa, serve 125 children. The majority of children are not Christian who experience the love of Christ through this ministry. Many Christian children cannot afford to attend. Metropolitan Saba sees this ministry as an opportunity to rebuild a culture where the Faith can flourish.

Needs to be met:

  • Funds for each child at $30 per month (total $360 per year)


How can you help?

Parish Support:

  • Sponsor a child (or children) for a year
  • Hold a special fundraiser to be used for the Kindergarten program in Hauran
  • Designate a parish ministry team (e.g., Church School, Teen SOYO) to make the Kindergarten Program a focus of their ministry
  • Conduct prayer services for the children of Hauran
  • Have Church School children write letters or draw pictures to share with the children of Hauran
  • Educate the Church School groups about Hauran and why it is important
  • Utilize a map of the world on a bulletin board to show where the Hauran area is located.

Individual Support:

  • Sponsor a child for a month or a year or donate a financial gift for the Kindergarten Program

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Have a donation box available at Church School for children to give each week
  • Hold a parish or public luncheon
  • Organize educational professionals within the parish to support a child for a year
  • Hold a “Bible Bowl” type event as a parish social event
  • Hold a series of parenting lectures for the parish
  • Auction the artwork of Church School children

There are so many possibilities for fundraising and education. This is not a definitive list. Please use your community’s resources and talents to contribute in a way that suits your church.