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Our Mission Statement:
The Department of Sacred Music of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America guides chanters, choirs and congregations to musical excellence in worship for the glory of God.

2017 SMI Group Photo

Handouts from the 2017 Sacred Music Institute:

          Divine Liturgy Music
          Vespers Music
          Orthros (Matins) Music
          General Sessions:
               Fr. John & Mareena:  Orthodox Music in the Community
               Paul & Nazo:  Pacing and Pitching: A Conductor's Guide
               Richard:  The Business of Church Music, Articles

     Breakout Sessions
          Kh. Nancy:  Western Music Notation & Theory
          Dr. Nick & Amy:  Byzantine Music Notation & Theory
          Fr. Mark:  Learning To Understand Church Arabic
          Chris F.:  The Sacraments As Outreach
          Valerie:  Improving Your Vocal Sound
          Richard:  The Living Tradition Of Byzantine Chant

          Charlie & Richard:  Chanting With Ison
          Dn. John & Dr. Stephen:  Byzantine Tone 5
          Paul & Zhanna:  Directing A Choir
          Nazo & Chris H.:  Orthodox Composition 

     Bishop DEMETRI's "The Book of the Typikon"
(Bishop DEMETRI published this Typikon (guide to our Divine Services) in 2011. Dr. Stephen Esper referred to it several times during "Stump the Liturgists" on Friday at the SMI.)


Latest News from the Dept. of Sacred Music:

Worshipping the Virgin Mary? An Orthodox Understanding

By Christopher Holwey, BS, MDiv
Department of Sacred Music

As I was preparing the music for August 20, 2017—the After-Feast of the Dormition (Falling Asleep) of the Theotokos—I noticed that in the first stichera at "O Lord, I have cried" for Vespers, after it states how Christ translated His Mother out of this world, and brought His disciples together to give her proper burial, it says:

". . . Then the Apostles, seeing thee, O Virgin, were filled with grace, and with exceeding great reverence, they all then sacredly worshipped thee and cried out with firm faith: O rejoice, thou who hast brought forth Great Mercy for the world."

I was really struck by the words “sacredly worshipped thee” regarding the Virgin Mary. Unless we are doing daily services, we may not hear them on August 20th except when it happens to fall on a Sunday; or perhaps we are chanting them every year but using a different translation. This particular translation from Holy Transfiguration Monastery uses the word “worship.” I kept that in mind and continued on with the second Stichera, wherein the Virgin asks the disciples how they came to know of her departure from the body and she inquires about this most wondrous sight. The disciples respond:

St. Vladimir's Seminary President to be Keynote Speaker at Sacred Music Institute in July

Photo: svots.eduPhoto: svots.eduThe Department of Sacred Music is happy to announce that The Very Rev. Dr. Chad Hatfield, President of St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, will be the keynote speaker at this summer's Sacred Music Institute (SMI) and Youth Music Ministry (YMM), July 12–16, 2017 at the Antiochian Village. Father Chad will be addressing the theme for the week: "Music as Ministry: Looking Outward Through Orthodox Hymnography."

For more information, please contact Paul Jabara or visit the Department of Sacred Music homepage.

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