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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Department of Sacred Music is to provide leadership to the parishes of the Archdiocese, drawing from the talents of the faithful in order to serve in these ways: publishing music, organizing workshops and seminars, building strong ties of communication throughout the Archdiocese, supporting the work of mission parishes, and providing a positive influence towards the creation of new works of liturgical music for the glory of God and the Holy Orthodox Faith.

Our Department guides our parishes in all areas concerning liturgical music. We have much information here for you and we update these resources regularly. This Sacred Music webpage makes it easy to locate and download the necessary sheet music (in PDF format) for feasts and seasons of the Orthodox liturgical year.  Visit this web page often for news and updates as the selection of files for download continues to expand.

Paul Jabara has been newly appointed by Metropolitan JOSEPH to chair
the Department of Sacred Music.
He is an extraordinary Orthodox musician who has been involved
in this department for many years.
Click here to read his very impressive BIOGRAPHY.


Metropolitan JOSEPH has approved a change in the music and text
for "God is the Lord" that we sing in Orthros (Matins).
We will now be singing:  "God is the Lord and hath appeared unto us
Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord."
You may click here for all 8 tones in Western or in Byzantine notation,
or go to our PDF Library:
for this and other music downloads.
The audio version of each tone is listed there with the Byzantine notation.
This will be combined with the Western notation as well.  Stay tuned.

Also, the Pentecost Series is available in our PDF Library
with updated Pentecost Orthros Prokeimenon
and Exaposteilaria for this coming Sunday.



We are now preparing for the next SMI at the Antiochian Village, our 30th Anniversary!

SMI Flyer for July, 2015SAVE THE DATE:

Our 30th Anniversary SMI
will be held July 8-12 at the Antiochian Village.
Lord willing, Metropolitan JOSEPH will be with us as our Keynote Speaker!
There will be quite a gala celebration, which you won't want to miss.
Regarding the Youth Music Ministry Program (YMM),
please click here for the 2015 YMM Application, and follow the instructions within.
To register for the 30th Anniversary SMI, click here:
and follow the instructions.
General Pricing Information for the SMI.


We also present to you the following videos from SMI 2014 for you to enjoy, in case you'd like to reminesce, or missed them all together.  Please click on the following YouTube links.

To start with, here are four videos 
   Emily Lowe:  The Glory of Pascha    
   Mareena Boosamra Ball:   Choral Formation  
   Fr. John Finley:  Sacred Foods of Pascha  
   Bishop ANTHONYPart 1 of his Lecture on Pascha
   Bishop ANTHONYPart 2 of his Lecture on Pascha
   YMM Concert:   Pascha music


 Click here for the YouTube videos of the 2013 SMI lectures and concerts.



As many of you may know, the Kazan Byzantine Menaion Project is out of print, and has been for some time. We have been working on proofing the computerized version, and we now have September, October, November, December and January completed. If you are in need of this music, please email me, Christopher Holwey, by clicking on the email link on the right column of this website. We're still working out the specifics, but I'd like to know how many of you are in need of this. We are working hard to have the Menaion completed by next year.  Thanks.


...that there is a prayer that you could say, either individually or as a choir, before you sing?

Opening Prayer for a Church Choir

 In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

 We thank Thee, O God, that Thou hast made us worthy to minister before Thy holy altar
and to lead Thy People in hymns of praise for the service of Thy glory.
Fill us, O Lord, with Thy grace; that putting aside all earthly care,
we may lift our hearts and voices to Thee and say:
“Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of Sabaoth, heaven and earth are full of Thy glory.
Hosanna in the highest.  Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.”
And vouchsafe also, O Master, that we be found worthy
to receive Thy Holy Body and Precious Blood
for the remission of our sins and for life everlasting.  Amen.

Through the prayers of St. Romanos the Hymnographer,
and of all Thy Saints,
have mercy upon us and save us.



If you can't find something, or if you need help in any way, please let us know by emailing Paul Jabara (the link is in the right column).