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Youth Department Launches New Site and Survey

The Department of Youth and Parish Ministry and the Orthodox Christian Coalition for Healthy Youth (OCCHY) has announced the launch of their new website,

Additionally, Chairman Fr. Joseph Purpura of the Department of Youth and Parish Ministry announced the start of the 2012-2013 Core Measures Survey, which has received the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Philip.

Noted Fr. Joseph, "The survey of our Orthodox Youth seeks to better understand the issues of alcohol and other drugs affecting our Orthodox Youth Population, so we may better serve and equip our young people and the adults who work alongside them. The survey was developed in light of guidelines from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Similar surveys are administered to our children through the public school systems."

June 2012 Edition of The Word Now Available

Click cover to download: 

The June 2012 issue contains the following articles:

Back to Basics: Bishop John Addresses St. Tikhon's Class of 2012, pg. 4

Theophany: Personal Nurture, The Foundation for Learning, pg. 7
by Jen Nahas

An Orthodox Perspective on Tolerance, pg. 8
by Daniel Manzuk

Evangelism 2.0, pg. 12

Works of the Order in Action: Message from the North American Chairman, pg. 16
by Mary Winstanley O'Conor

Rassem El Massih: A Voice of the Faithful, pg. 25
by Linda M. Thomas

...and more!

OCN Initiatives Emphasize Outreach and Engagement

The Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) has launched a series of initiatives aimed at bringing the mind of the Church to bear on today's issues, while reaching out to both faithful Orthodox Christians as well as religious seekers.

Notes Fr. Chris Metropulos, OCN's Executive Director, "We are focusing on five 'E' words over the summer: we want to 'envision' the Church to use media to reach and evangelize; we want to 'enlighten' people as we center our 'Come Receive the Light' flagship program on monthly themes such as family and marriage; we want to 'engage' people with our increasingly popular Sounding blog; we want to 'enliven' the parishes by helping them create their own radio station online; and finally, we want to 'entrust' OCN to take action for the good of the Church."

A video staff of five has been producing film clips that compliment OCN's radio themes. Each time the monthly subject is rolled out for "Come Receive the Light," a video short accompanies the theme (view the Parenting video here).

Parish Life Conference Season Starts June 6

On June 6-9, the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America will kick off the Antiochian Archdiocese's Parish Life Conference season, which is themed "The Bible fills us with eternal joy." The Houston gathering is sponsored by St. Joseph Orthodox Church. Alexei D. Krindatch, Research Coordinator for the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, will be the keynote speaker, and attendees will enjoy southern hospitality at events such as the Saturday evening dinner, "Cowboys and Cassocks."

Also in June, the Diocese of Worcester and New England will hold their Parish Life Conference on June 21-24. Hosted by St. George Church in Norwood, MA, participants will stay at the Cliff House in Ogunquit, Maine, on the Atlantic Coast. This will be Bishop John Abdalah's first conference as presiding bishop, and the coastal atmosphere will be enhanced by events such as the Maine Clambake.

Three more dioceses will gather in June: Miami and the Southeast; Toledo and the Midwest; and Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York. Finally, the Los Angeles and Eagle River, and Charleston and New York, conferences will be held over the long holiday weekend of July 4-8. Visit the Conventions and Conference Planning page, or the Antiochian Events website, for registration and information.

Antiochian Scholar Releases Two New Titles

Dr. Bradley Nassif is a scholar and author known especially for his ecumenical involvement and active role in Orthodox evangelism. Raised within the Orthodox Church as a Lebanese-American, Dr. Nassif is currently Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at North Park University in Chicago. He has served as a teacher for the Antiochian House of Studies and is a member of Holy Transfiguration Antiochian Orthodox Church in Warrenville, Illinois.

This spring, Dr. Nassif released two new books with broad appeal to both Orthodox and Christians from other traditions. asked him about these titles and how they came about.

1. You have just released two new books with Zondervan. Tell us the back story for each one--what were your objectives in becoming involved in each project?

Bringing Jesus to the Desert is a book about the desert fathers and mothers of Egypt, Palestine and Syria from the 3rd to 6th centuries. Dr. Gary Burge from Wheaton College invited me to write this book as part of a series he's editing titled "Ancient Context, Ancient Faith." Each book, including mine, can stand on its own. But together, they focus on the theme of the desert as it appears in the Bible and early Christian literature.

"Not the Typical Spring Break:" OCF's 2012 Real Break Report

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship's (OCF) Real Break program provides an alternative spring break for Orthodox college students across North America. This year, more than 50 students from 36 universities participated in the six service projects around the world in locations such as Constantinople, Mexico, Guatemala, Romania and Texas. This following OCF report summarizes the impact of Real Break, 2012.

As the week was coming to an end and all sat in the dining hall eating the typical meal of beans and tortillas, University of Illinois freshman, Anthony Jonas, notices Brayan with a sad face and not touching his food. Jesus Brayan is one of the 31 young boys living at the St. Innocent Orphanage in Rosarito, Mexico. Anthony says to him,

“¿Qué paso Brayan?” (What’s wrong Brayan?)

House of Studies Launches New Web Section

The Antiochian House of Studies School of Orthodox Theology, home of the St. Stephen's Program, has launched a new website section. The project centered on the work of two House of Studies graduate students, Keith Buhler and Emmanuel Gergis, who worked with the staff of the House of Studies and the Dept. of Internet Ministry to update the web presence of this special Archdiocese ministry.

The new House of Studies section offers an introduction to the distance-learning school, a list of its academic programs, information for prospective and current students, and links for faculty, news and contact information. With affordable tuition and flexible scheduling, the House of Studies offers students, parents, or full-time professionals the ability to pursue an Orthodox theological education.

Browse the House of Studies section.

Prison Ministry Awareness Sunday is May 20

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and South America has designated May 20 as Prison Ministry Awareness Sunday. Antiochian Archdiocese member Kory Warr is Chairman of the Board for the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM). He explains: "The sixth Sunday of Pascha was selected as Prison Ministry Awareness Sunday because the prescribed epistle reading (Acts 16:16-34) describes the experience of Sts. Paul and Silas in a Philippian jail. This story is a clear reminder of the truth that the light of Christ shines in even the darkest of places, pouring forth healing and salvation. All of us who participate in the work of OCPM have, like Paul and Silas, encountered the transforming grace and power of God in places where despair and hopelessness seemed to have erected impregnable strongholds.

May 2012 Edition of The Word Now Available

Click cover to download: 

The May 2012 issue contains the following articles:

Mary, Our Cause of Rejoicing, pg. 4
by His Grace Bishop Basil

Do We Really Believe in the Resurrection?, pg. 8
by Fr. Michael Shanbour

A Message from Metropolitan Philip on Events in Syria, pg. 11

Focus on Protecting the Christians in Syria and Lebanon, pg. 13

Heal Always, pg. 21
by Fr. Antony Hughes

Works of the Order in Action: "Give Me a Boost", pg. 20
by Fr. Michael Nasser

A Mother's Reflections on Her Son's Ordination, pg. 24

...and more!

Photos Capture Holy Season's Depth and Joy

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, Washington, DCSt. George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, Washington, DCView Pascha 2012 Photo Gallery

"Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!"

As Great Lent came to a close in 2012, somber Holy Week services commenced and then gave way to joyful Paschal celebrations, as Antiochian Orthodox Christians around the Archdiocese marked the holiest season of the Church year. In fledgling small town mission parishes and established communities in the heart of big cities, SOYO teens kept vigil on Holy Friday, chanters and clergy offered daily services even as their voices grew tired, the members of Antiochian Women chapters covered parish interiors with fragrant flowers, and the faithful contributed in ways large and small in order to join in the joy of the resurrection. If your parish isn't represented in our photo gallery yet, send us your photos and we can add your church to the gallery.

OCMC Gears Up for Busy Season of Ministry

2011 Kenya mission team members2011 Kenya mission team membersAcross the United States and Canada, mission team participants with the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) are gearing up for a summer of activity and ministry. Fourteen teams, each with a different purpose, will serve in ten different countries during the second half of 2012.

Roberta Sardell, a member of St. Stephen Antiochian Orthodox Church in Campbell, California, has participated in three mission trips. "In 2008 I was in Alaska, chiefly in an isolated village called Tatitlak on Prince William Sound, snowed in, in October," she explains. "In September of 2009 I helped lead retreats in Romania, touring monasteries and the painted churches of Bucovina. July of 2011 found me in the heat of Lodwar, northeastern Kenya. In each case I was blessed with talented Christian team mates; I was blessed meeting Orthodox brothers and sisters in other countries. I went as a teacher, a catechist, but I was educated in different cultures, different lifestyles, and how the Holy Spirit convicts people around the world."

"Ancient Faith Today" Talk Show Launches on AFR

Chesterton, IN  Ancient Faith Radio announces the launch of the first ever Orthodox live call-in show, Ancient Faith Today, this Sunday, April 22, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Ancient Faith Today is what Ancient Faith Radio and Orthodox Internet radio have been missing -- a live inter-active conversation program. Now that void has been filled! Ancient Faith Today streams live, with call-ins from around the world, twice a month on Sunday nights at 5:00pm Pacific/7:00pm Central/8:00pm Eastern on Ancient Faith Radio Talk.

Topics cover all of life through the lens of Scripture and the teaching and canonical tradition of the Holy Orthodox Church.

"Pastoring the People of God:" Interview with Fr. Alexander Atty

Fr. Alexander Atty is the Dean and Chief Operating Officer of St. Tikhon's Seminary (Orthodox Church in America). Prior to this assignment, Father served for over 30 years as an Antiochian parish priest, most recently as pastor of the large and thriving Louisville, Kentucky parish, St. Michael Orthodox Church. When the OCA's Holy Synod of Bishops approved Fr. Alexander's appointment as St. Tikhon's Dean in 2010, they also permitted him to remain attached to the Antiochian Archdiocese.

During Lent, Father took a break from his busy travel schedule to answer a few questions for the editors of

1.  Fr. Alexander, these last few years have presented you with daunting health challenges. How are you doing these days?

It depends on who you ask. For my own peace of mind I’ve limited myself to only the opinions of my doctors. My most recent scan indicated remarkable improvement. The doctors were pleased but determined to keep at this thing until they were satisfied that they had this thing beat. I have some of the best doctors in country working on this but that’s only half the job. Many, many people have my situation in mind when they sit down at home to do their prayers or when they are commemorating the names of the sick before the Holy Chalice. I believe that it is because of their prayers and faithfulness that I am showing signs of improvement.

Appeal for Syria from His Beatitude Ignatius IV

April 5, 2012

Beloved faithful of our Archdiocese,

Two days ago we received a very important message from the head of our Antiochian Patriarchate throughout the world, our father in Christ, His Beatitude, Ignatius, IV, Patriarch of Antioch and of all the East. Due to the importance of His Beatitude's message our office has translated it from Arabic into English. We are sending it to you to be read from the pulpit and printed in your church bulletin.

Wishing you a most blessed Holy Week and a glorious Pascha.

Metropolitan PHILIP

March 14, 2012, Damascus

To all our Antiochian children in the Archdioceses overseas:

We greet you first as we begin the Holy and Great Lent, asking God to help lead us in our journey and in our spiritual struggle to deserve the participation in His saving suffering and rejoice in His triumphant resurrection crying, “Christ is risen, Truly He is risen."

Second, while we write to you, we feel overwhelmed with pain due to the tragic events which are happening in Syria.

Holy Week and Pascha Resources on

In preparation for Holy Week and the Paschal season, a number of updated devotional and liturgical resources are available on 

In the Lenten Readings section, Patristic and contemporary writers explore the meaning of Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week. 

In the Department of Sacred Music's Library, a wide range of choral selections for Holy Week are available for church musicians.

Teachers and youth leaders can find useful tools for ministry on the Department of Christian Education's Summary of Lenten Offerings page. Additionally, information and promotional materials about the SOYO's Great Friday Vigil for teens, are posted here.

Finally,, a joint project of the Antiochian Archdiocese and the Orthodox Church in America, offers articles, a photo gallery, video and audio features, and links to Pascha gifts and music--all centered on the theme of the Orthodox Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

April 2012 Edition of The Word Now Available

Click cover to download: 

The April 2012 issue contains the following articles:

On Forgiveness, pg. 4
by Chris Humphrey, Ph.D.

A Mother's Letter to Her Children on Marriage, pg. 8

Antiochian Heritage Foundation, pg. 10
by Dan Abraham and David Ghiz

Christian Churches Together Meet in Memphis, pg. 12

Antiochian Orthodoxy in the Philippines, pg. 16

Works of the Order in Action: Learning Christian Living through the Orthodox Camping Experience, pg. 20
by Khalil Samara

Leaders See IOCC Work Firsthand in Damascus, pg. 26

...and more!

"Healthy Marriage, Vibrant Ministry:" Clergy Couple Retreat is April 23-25

"Who else is going to take care of your marriage if you don't?" the brochure for the annual clergy couple retreat at Antiochian Village asks.

The popular weekend event, held this year on April 23-25, sets out the following goals for clergy couples:

  • to enjoy time together
  • to attend to your marriage away from the distractions and “busyness” of daily life
  • to draw closer to Christ and each other
  • to meet and share with other Clergy Couples
  • to be refreshed by the beauty of spring in the peaceful surroundings at the Village

This year's retreat speaker is Presbytera Kerry Pappas, a certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator and trainer, and a licensed marriage and family therapist who works for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese as the Coordinator for Clergy Couple Care.  The schedule of the weekend allows for group time and quiet reflection. Prior to the retreat, couples will complete a "Couple Checkup," an online assessment.

Download the PDF of the retreat brochure.

Metropolitan Philip Appeals for Syria

March, 2012

Beloved Hierarchs, esteemed members of the Board of Trustees, members of our Archdiocesan Organizations and all faithful of our God Protected Archdiocese,

Greetings and blessings to you in the spirit of this Holy and Great Lent. I am certain that you have been following the tragic events in Syria from where many of us have originated. Besides our cultural and historical roots which are planted in Syria, Syria has a great spiritual significance to all of us and all Christians. Damascus is considered the most ancient city in the world. Syria and the entire Fertile Crescent gave the world its first known civilization.

Damascus is a holy city for us. It has been the center of our Patriarchate since the Patriarchate moved from Antioch. Our venerable Patriarch lives on the Straight Street where St. Paul walked to be baptized after his conversion to Christianity. (Acts 9:11)

"Five Interesting Facts" Report Released by Noted Researcher

The Assembly of Bishops Research Coordinator Alexei Krindatch has released a new 40-page report titled, "Five Interesting Facts About Orthodox Church Geography and Demography in the United States." The report provides fascinating insight into the life and practice of Orthodox communities today.

In "Fact 1: About Orthodox Church Membership in America" the report notes that "nationwide, and for all jurisdictions of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops combined, the total number of persons attending Orthodox parishes on a regular weekly basis is 209,000." 

The report goes on to explain, however, that the total number of adherents (people who are at least loosely associated with a parish) is 797,600. Of those, 476,000 are associated with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. The next two populous jurisdictions are the Orthodox Church in America and the Antiochian Archdiocese, respectively.

Department of Christian Education Offers Lenten Resources

Lenten refrigerator projectLenten refrigerator projectThe Antiochian Archdiocese Department of Christian Education is offering a variety of creative and helpful resources for families and Church schools this Lenten season.

Family Activities for the Lenten Journey details one family's successful use of the kitchen refrigerator as a message and teaching board. In the Department's Featured Program section, a plethora of resources from various jurisdictions and publishers are listed, from board games to classroom handouts to teen "zines." 

In A Lenten Message for All Orthodox Teens, kids are encouraged to reflect on Lent's meaning and embrace the journey to Pascha. The Sundays of Lent and the days of Holy Week are explained simply and briefly, and then many "Practical Suggestions for a Change" are outlined.

Visit the Department of Christian Education's site for these Lenten resources and more.