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Share Your Christmas With The Poor

Share Your Christmas With The Poor




Beloved Clergy and Faithful of our Archdiocese:

Once again we joyfully take this opportunity to send to all of you our greetings and blessings on the occasion of the Holy Nativity of our Lord. Perhaps the story of the Divine Child forced to begin life in a poor stable in Bethlehem, has something of an unreal quality for us as we celebrate our comfortable Christmas in modern North America. The poverty and oppression surrounding that birth appear to be centuries and worlds away, vanished with the ancient past.

In actuality, the forces of violence, deprivation and foreign aggression that haunted the manger in which the Christ Child lay, stalk the Middle East this very moment. In crowded refugee camps and overcrowded desert tents, a whole generation will spend the anniversary of our Lord’s Nativity in exile, on marginal rations and, more importantly, without hope or purpose. We have tried to supply a gleam of hope for the future by establishing the Archdiocesan Scholarship Fund for technical education for competent and eager young Arab refugees from the occupied territories. Already an income of 10,000 LL has been invested in the education of displaced students.

As you prepare to celebrate Christmas surrounded by your loved ones in this fortunate and still secure country, thinking of the old story of the stable that saw the birth of the son of God, spare some thought to those who must share His trials this Christmas, this very year, now! For him there was no room in the inn, is there room on your Christmas gift list for a present to an Arab Refugee youngster whose only hope for a useful future is a good education? Share your Christmas blessings with the poor by sending them a gift to your Archdiocese earmarked “Arab Refugees.”

Remember the words of our Lord: “Verily I say unto you inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matt. 25:40.

May this Blessed Christmas and the New Year bring to your hearts a great measure of peace, prosperity, happiness and spiritual renewal.

Devotedly yours,


Metropolitan PHILIP