The mission of the Department of Liturgics and Translations is twofold: both to provide parishes with approved liturgical texts, and to provide education and guidance as to the best and most appropriate practice of liturgics. Because liturgical rubrics and liturgical music share so many overlapping areas of concern, this department also works closely with the Department of Sacred Music.

As the only source for archdiocesan-approved liturgical texts, the staff of this department is continually hard at work translating, re-working, and publishing service books that will help parishes navigate various kinds of liturgical situations and occasions. For example, knowing that our archdiocese now has more bishops than ever before, and that our parishes enjoy hosting them and praying with them, the department recently developed a book to help priests serve alongside their bishops smoothly and properly. As the department goes forward, it hopes to continue meeting the evolving needs of our unique Antiochian-American liturgical tradition while simultaneously safeguarding the tradition as it has been handed down to us.

An online liturgical guide is provided for each Sunday on this webpage; it includes variations in the order of service and the variable texts for the day. As this department exists to serve the immediate needs of parish liturgical life, it welcomes comments, suggestions, and questions.



Liturgical Materials through December 7th Now Available Online

The Department of Liturgics has updated its liturgical materials with weekend service texts current through December 7th, 2014. Please visit the Online Liturgical Guide to download texts.

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