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Leadership Meetings and Special Convention Planning

On May 7, Hierarchical Assistant Fr. George Kevorkian released the following letter:

Venerable Hierarchs, Brother Clergy, and Esteemed Members of the Board of Trustees: 

Christ is Risen! 

I send this message on behalf of Metropolitan Silouan and with his approval. 

As you all know, the Archdiocesan Synod will meet in the evening on Tuesday May 13th, 2014, and the Board of Trustees will meet all day on Wednesday May 14th, 2014, with both meetings being held in Chicago, Illinois. 

Upon completion of these meetings, Metropolitan Silouan will issue the following items in an email message, which will be sent no later than Thursday May 15th: 

1. The Official Call to the Special Convention

2. The List of eligible candidates for the Office of the Metropolitan

3. A brief biography for each candidate 

We are aware of your need to convene certain meetings in order to inform your parishioners about the Special Convention, review the list of eligible candidates, select your delegates, and give voting instructions to your delegates. We recommend that you now begin to plan the dates and times of your meetings based on our commitment to send you the required information by email no later than May 15th. 

Shortly after this email is sent, a package will be sent by regular mail, which will include the following: 

1. The Official Call to the Special Convention (same as the previous email)

2. The List of eligible candidates for the Office of the Metropolitan (same as the previous email)

3. A brief biography for each candidate (same as the previous email)

4. Proxy forms which will allow you to assign your vote to another delegate if you will not be able to attend the Special Convention.

5. The Official Delegates List from you parish or mission – A delegate must be listed on this form in order to be seated at the Special Convention. 

The deadline for returning the proxy forms and delegates list will be May 26th, so I ask for everyone’s complete cooperation during this extraordinary time.


Yours in the Risen Christ,

Fr. George Kevorkian

Hierarchical Assistant