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IOCC Hosts Syrian Relief Gathering in Pittsburgh, PA

Syrian Relief Dinner & Prayer Service
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
985 Providence Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(opposite La Roche College, 9000 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237)

Tickets $50.00 per person (age 18 and under $20, age 6 and under free)

Prayer Service begins at 4 p.m. - Lenten dinner and Reception from 5 - 7 p.m.

Additional donations will be appreciated. Net proceeds will benefit Syrian Relief Efforts.

Hosting this event will be the following Hierarchs:

  • Greek Diocese - His Eminence Metropolitan Savas
  • Antiochian Diocese - His Grace Bishop Thomas
  • Orthodox Church in America - His Grace Bishop Melchisedek
  • Serbian Diocese - His Grace Bishop Dr. Mitrophan
  • Ukrianian Orthodox Church - His Grace Bishop Daniel
  • Carpatho-Russian - His Grace Bishop Gregory

Sponsoring organizations: Philoptochos of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee, and Antiochian Orthodox Community

For Reservations

Online (preferred method):, or
Call Sophie at 412-341-6869,, or
Laura at IOCC 877-803-4622, or
Mail: IOCC, 110 West Road, Suite 360, Baltimore, Maryland 21204, or
Ask if tickets are available in your home parish.

Tickets: $50.00 per person (age 18 and under $20, age 6 and under free). Additional donations would be appreciated. Net Proceeds will Benefit Syrian Relief. Make checks payable to "IOCC" write "Syrian Relief Dinner" and number of tickets in memo.

Pre-Purchased tickets will be held at the door and will not be mailed. We will reserve tables of 10 or 8 only. Ticket sales & reservations must be made by March 30.

Call Zelfa at 412-417-4706 for information or if you would like to volunteer.


Dear Reverend Fathers, and Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

On Saturday, April 5, 2014 the IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee plans to hold a prayer service and fund raising dinner that will benefit our Syrian brothers and sisters in Christ. This "Syrian Relief" gathering will be held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Pittsburgh, PA. We would like to cordially invite your Parish to attend, and support IOCC's aid efforts in Syria. The recent conflict has been devastating. It has resulted in the displacement of numerous Orthodox Christians that are now hungry, homeless, and lacking essential items (please see the attached IOCC articles).

Last year Metropolitan Savas, Bishop Thomas, and Bishop Melchisedek led our first Syrian Relief gathering. This year we are hoping to more fully engage all of the Orthodox jurisdictions and faithful in this Orthodox offering of love, prayer, and mercy.

We need your help in the following ways:

  • Attend the Event - Assign a liaison from your Parish that can help sell tickets (call Zelfa for details 412-417-4706). Reserve tables for your Parishioners and attend as a group. Encourage the philanthropic organizations within your Church to participate and help as a group. See Flyer for reservation details.
  • Make a Donation - Consider making a group Church donation (perhaps pass a tray). Bring the donation to the gathering; send it directly to IOCC (110 West Road, Suite 360, Baltimore, Maryland 21204); or mail it to Nick Terezis (c/o IOCC, 306 Marberry Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15215). Please make the check payable to IOCC and write "Syrian Relief - Pit" in the memo. Donations from individuals are also welcome.
  • Help Prepare Food / Buy Supplies - When we held this Syrian Relief gathering last year, we grossed $27,000, and were able to send over $25,000 to IOCC. Glory to God! (As a reminder IOCC is typically able to obtain $7 worth of grant/other money for each $1 we raise. So this is equivalent to $175K of aid in Syria). We were able to be extremely efficient, because the community made/donated almost all of the food and supplies for the Dinner. If you or one of your Church Groups would like to prepare food or donate supplies (for approximately 500 attendees), please contact Zelfa at 412-417-4706 as soon as possible - or at least before March 10.
  • Volunteer to Help at the Dinner - Please volunteer to help during the day of the event (April 5), AND encourage your Church Youth Group to volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Zelfa at 412-417-4706.
  • Build Awareness - please place the attached flyer in your church bulletin, post it on your bulletin board, and verbally encourage friends to attend.
  • Pray - Pray for our Syrian Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and for all people risking their safety to deliver aid.

We are hoping that this gathering will help to foster more frequent collaborations in our Pittsburgh region - where all of the Orthodox faithful come together, in Christ, to aid one another when tragedies occur in our ethnic homelands. Thank you for your love and help in the ministry of IOCC.

In Christ,

Nicholas E. Terezis, Chairman
IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee

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