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Classical Learning Resource Center Joins Forces with St. Raphael School



Listen to the Ancient Faith Radio interview about CLRC and St. Raphael

The Classical Learning Resource Center (CLRC) was founded eight years ago by Antiochian Orthodox Christians, Subdeacon John and Anne Van Fossen of Naples, ID, with the blessing and encouragement of His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph. The CLRC provides live, interactive, online classes in a wide variety of subject areas. It serves both homeschooled students and students in public and private schools. Eager learners connect with outstanding instructors in a dynamic educational community. CLRC teachers currently include six instructors with PhDs, ten with MAs, an abbess, and a priest. All of the administrative staff, eighteen of the twenty-two teachers, and about half of the students are Orthodox.

This year the CLRC is joining forces with another Orthodox provider of online classes – the St. Raphael School. Saint Raphael School is a warm community of Orthodox educators, parents, and students. The center of the St. Raphael school is its integrated, literature based, liberal arts curriculum which is firmly rooted in the Orthodox faith.

Combining their efforts will allow the Classical Learning Resource Center and St. Raphael School to more effectively provide parents with the resources they need to craft an exceptional education for their children.

Registration for Fall 2017 is still open for both the Classical Learning Resource Center and St. Raphael school.