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St Anthony's Monastery

Saturday of Souls, Apolytikion & Theotokion

This is the Apolytikion (Troparion) and Theotokion for the services on Saturday of the Souls, Tone 8/Plagal Fourth Mode. "O only Creator . . . (O thou who by the depth . . .),"  and "We have verily accepted thee . . . (Thee do we have as a wall . . .).

Presentation (Meeting) of Our Lord in the Temple, Kontakion

Kontakia of Feasts & Forefeasts

This version of the Kontakion for the Presentation (Meeting) of our Lord in the Temple is from St. Anthony's Monastery, Arizona.

Basil the Great, Apolytikion

Troparia (Apolytikia) of the Saints

Feast Day is January 1st, Tone 1/First Mode.

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