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Bishop Alexander Visits Camp Transfiguration 2007

On Thursday afternoon August 9, 2007, Bishop Alexander, accompanied by Deacon Dimitri Choueiry, made his annual visit to Camp Transfiguration which is the official camp for the Diocese of Eastern Canada and Upstate New York.

The camp is located about an hour drive north west of the city of Montreal. Bishop Alexander was met by Fr. Michael Shaheen, Khalil Samara, Alex Younes, David Jacobs and Gregory Abdallah along with a number of campers and counselors who rushed to take his blessing. His Grace then proceeded to the guest house for some refreshments prepared by the matron of the camp, Salomeh Tannis. This was followed by a lenten supper with the campers and then vespers. " Bishop Alexander had to forfeit a canoe trip offered by Alex Younes due to the lateness of the hour but took a raincheck for the following year.

His Grace was delighted to be with the youth of the diocese who came mostly from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. All in all, it was a wonderful trip on a beautiful afternoon.

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