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Bishop John Ordains Readers, Deacons and Priests in Western Rite Vicariate

On Saturday in the Fourth Week after the Octave of Easter on June 8, 2013, His Grace Bishop John ordained Subdeacon James Tochihara to the office of Deacon at St. Mark's Orthodox Church in Denver, CO, . Deacon Patrick is assigned to St. Mark in Denver. Three young men were also ordained Readers. Father John Connely celebrated Mass following the ordinations. Axios! Ad multos annos! Many Years!

On the Feast of Pentecost on June 23, at St. Peter's Orthodox Church in Ft. Worth, TX, His Grace ordained Deacon Robert Weber to the Holy Priesthood. Father Robert is the non-stipendiary curate at St. Peter, and Fr. Daniel Keller sponsored Father Robert for ordination. Axios! Ad multos annos! Many Years!

On Ember Saturday in Pentecost, June 29 at the Parish Life Conference (PLC) for the Diocese of Worcester and New England, His Grace Bishop John ordained Subdeacon Benjamin Kjendal to the Holy Diaconate. Then on Trinity Sunday, June 30, His Grace ordained Deacon Benjamin Kjendal to the office of Priest in the Orthodox Church. Father Benjamin is assigned to St. Stephen Orthodox Church in Springfield, Massachusetts.