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Antiochian Women Update: August 2017 Letter From NAB President

August 26, 2017

Dear Sisters in Christ –

Christ is in our midst!

Two years ago as NAB President, I sent my initial correspondence on the Great Feast of the Dormition of Our Most Holy Theotokos.  Now, two years later, I am sending you this letter as we approach another wonderful day in her honor, the Placing of the Most Venerable Belt of the Theotokos (August 30), as well as the start of the Ecclesiastical New Year on September 1.  Thank you for allowing me to continue as NAB President over these next two years and continuing to serve in this magnificent ministry.

Our thanks to the Diocese of Miami and the Southeast and St. George Cathedral in Coral Gables, Florida for hosting the Archdiocese Convention that was held from July 25–30 at The Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida.  We had about 120 attendees at the Antiochian Women’s breakfast on Wednesday, July 26, which was followed by the NAB General Assembly.  That same evening, the re-elected NAB Officers and His Grace Bishop John as our NAB Spiritual Advisor were sworn into office by His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph.

God bless each of you for the work, commitment, and dedication that you have given to this organization – and ministry – over these last two years.  As we approach our final two-year terms, many faces will remain the same, although some will change.  NAB Humanitarian Coordinator Dorothy Tampary and NAB Widowed Clergy Wives Coordinator Deana Bottei have done magnificent work, and we thank them for their service.  Lauren Ferris and Julia Kalyoussef will be now filling these respective NAB positions.

Please help me in extending a welcome to these newly-elected Diocesan Presidents: Susanne Ziedan (Diocese of Ottawa, Eastern Canada & Upstate New York); Rula Khoury (Antiochian Women of the East); Kh. Jeanette Gallaway (Diocese of Toledo & the Midwest); Mary Lou Catelli (Diocese of Worcester & New England); and Jaclyn Al-Hanna-Ferris (Diocese of Wichita & Mid-America).  Dawn Evancho (Diocese of Miami & the Southeast) and Charmaine Darmour (Diocese of Los Angeles & the West/Eagle River & the Northwest) will continue to serve as Presidents of their respective Dioceses.

At the Antiochian Women’s breakfast, we presented His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph with additional funds for the 2016 NAB Project, “Hungry Children At Home & Abroad,” in the amount of $17,397.90, bringing the total to $175,051.33.  For our 2017 Project, “Strengthening the Ministries of Our Church,” a check was presented in the amount of Metropolitan Joseph is presented with 2017 Project check for $116,915.37.Metropolitan Joseph is presented with 2017 Project check for $116,915.37.$116,915.37.

His Eminence also announced our 2018 Project, to be entitled, “Vocations,” which will emphasize various ministries throughout the Archdiocese.  Khouria Suzanne Murphy, NAB Vice President and Project Coordinator, will be forwarding you these materials shortly.

Listed below are highlights of some important events and upcoming deadlines.  I urge the Diocesan Presidents to share this information with their Officers and Coordinators.

Outgoing NAB/Diocesan Officers and Coordinators – If newly-elected to your positions, please make arrangements with your successors for a smooth transition and forward your materials at your earliest convenience.  The NAB Bylaws recommend a period of five weeks from the conclusion of the Archdiocese Convention.

NAB/Diocesan Roster of Officers and Coordinators – If you have not already done so, please submit your updated rosters to NAB Recording Secretary Sheryl VanderWagen and to me as quickly as possible.  Diocesan Presidents are also urged to update the list of the Antiochian Women chapters in their respective Dioceses, along with the contacts at each parish.

Antiochian Women Stationery – Updated stationery for the new NAB Coordinators, as well as the individual Dioceses, will be sent to you under separate cover in both .pdf and Word formats.  Please use this stationery for all official correspondence and reports, as well as following the “Guidelines for Correspondence” (which are also included, along with the Reimbursement Guidelines, Illness and Bereavement Guidelines, etc.).

Vision 20/20 (and the Three “T”s) – My challenge to the Diocesan Presidents in 2015 was to “talk” or “travel” to the individual chapters within their Dioceses (rather than just depending on email).  Also included was a third “T” – to give at least 10-15 minutes each week to your Diocese (i.e., calling a chapter, writing a letter, organizing an event – you name it!).  Even with our busy lives, we can find a small space in our day for this wonderful ministry.

“Vision 20/20” is a new challenge to the Diocesan Presidents (and their Officers & Coordinators) for this upcoming two-year term:  By the Year 2020, every church and mission on the North American continent will have an active Antiochian Women’s chapter.  This can begin now – by reaching out to those churches that are not participating (by either not paying NAB dues, or not participating in our annual NAB Project).  Please contact these parishes to see if they need assistance; perhaps, there are only a few women who don’t know “where to begin.”  Please feel free to contact me directly so that we can come up with ideas on how to get these women involved – remembering that all women in our Archdiocese are Antiochian Women.

2018 Mid-Winter Meetings – With the blessing of Metropolitan Joseph, the 2018 Mid-Winter Meetings will be held from Friday, February 16 through Sunday, February 18 at the Antiochian Village Conference & Retreat Center in Bolivar, Pennsylvania.  Additional information will follow in the next few months regarding room reservations and meeting schedules.

Finally, the next two years will see us generating even more information throughout the Archdiocese, including updates to both our Membership Handbook and tri-fold brochure, materials posted on the Archdiocesan webpage and our Facebook site, and a new video to supplement the earlier DVD, “Yes, We Can.”  We also hope to have an easier way to submit dues and Project payments via the Archdiocese website, and will continue to engage in Common “Acts of Mercy,” always remembering that we are a “Sisterhood Serving Christ Through Serving Others.”

Please do not hesitate to contact me with updates, as well as questions or concerns.  God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Dianne O’Regan, President
North American Board of the Antiochian Women

NAB President Dianne O'Regan's August 2017 Letter (PDF)40.47 KB