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Antiochian Orthodox Christian Online Shopping Rewards Program

The Archdiocese Board with the support of the Bishops and endorsement from Metropolitan Joseph are extremely excited to announce the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Rewards Program. This is an online shopping rewards program connecting individuals and their businesses to their favorite retailers. It also provides the ability to order gift cards from a large selection through the Gift Card Mall including Visa, American Express, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Itunes, restaurants, department stores and more.

Program Overview

  • What is it? A free Antiochian Orthodox online shopping rewards program connecting you to your favorite retailers, as well as the ability to order from the Gift Card Mall which includes vendors such as Visa, American Express, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Itunes, restaurants, department stores, and many more.
  • Why join? Program creates an automatic monetary contribution back to the church which will help fund your individual parish and contribute to the clergy retirement fund.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Go online to and register with your email. Remember to visit the site prior to making online purchases to enable a contribution to your ministry, and discover savings offers.
  • .....and optionally.... Install the "Support Button" on your Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer browser to automatically support our ministry every time you shop on an approved site you will see this small cross appear.

The program creates an automatic monetary contribution that will go directly to each individual parish as well as a portion being contributed to the clergy retirement fund. We believe that this is a great way for parishioners to earn money for their parish on everyday purchases while finding deals and exclusive discounts from thousands of retailers.

Simply access the site via and register with your email. Each family member who shops online should register.

For additional ease, you will not have to access the rewards site prior to making their purchases if youinstall the "Support Button" on your Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer Browser. Once installed, every time you explore the web, approved sites will be indicated by an Orthodox cross. You will also see the contribution percentage donated back on each site. A tutorial video is being added to the site this week.

Please support this and let's take advantage of Christmas shopping. This is the perfect time! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what is contributed from my purchase?
Each vendor lists the percentage given back as you enter a site and begin shopping.

What type of items can I purchase?
Click under categories and make your selection or spend time browsing through the many vendors including apparel, shoes, office supplies, hotels, rental cars, travel, floral and food deliveries, contacts, electronics, make-up, health and beauty items, sports and recreation, food and dining, art and music, entertainment, children's toys, education, seasonal items, gift cards, and so much more.

What is the gift card mall?
An online selection that contains a variety of gift cards from credit card vendors to retailers. They can be sent electronically or mailed directly to you!

Who do I contact for support questions or to discuss having my local business become an online vendor on the site? Can my business sign up for in-store purchases as well?
Email all questions to And YES in-store purchasing can be included.

Remember: A purchase from you is a gift to the church. Every cent counts!