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The Antiochian Archdiocese places a high priority on outreach and communication through a variety of mediums. This is particularly demonstrated by Ancient Faith Ministries, which encompasses both Ancient Faith Publishing and Ancient Faith Radio, an online streaming radio station. Ancient Faith Publishing, formerly Conciliar Press, has been a witness of Orthodox Christianity in the English-speaking world for over thirty years. Ancient Faith Radio broadcasts both Orthodox music and talk in two separate streams twenty-four hours a day.

Ancient Faith Integrates All Ministries in New Design

Ancient Faith Ministries (AFM) announces the re-design of, which now features the full integration of all of its divisions: Ancient Faith Radio, Ancient Faith Publishing, Ancient Faith Blogs, and Ancient Faith Films. The new site officially launched on Monday, June 15.

The new site uses a magazine format to feature four different types of content. It will also allow users to search podcasts by "groups," "themes," "authors," "freshness," and "recent episodes." The content on the site is almost fully tagged and categorized, which makes the search function much more accurate and robust. There is also a complete authors list with bios of all contributors of podcasts, books, and blogs.

" is no longer just the home of Ancient Faith Radio; rather, it is the home of each division of Ancient Faith Ministries, combining all of our content—print, audio, video, and retail—into one seamless, integrated, and complementary package," says Ancient Faith Ministries CEO John Maddex.

"Ancient Faith Presents" Interview with Samer Laham: Conflict and Relief in Syria

Samer LahamSamer LahamListen to the full interview

On May 14, 2015, Ancient Faith Radio (AFR) President John Maddex interviewed Mr. Samer Laham, Director of Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development (DERD) for the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch in Syria. The Department is a nonprofit organization belonging to and operating from the Patriarchate, located in the old city of Damascus. Mr. Laham was visiting the headquarters of the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) in Baltimore, MD, and during his visit sat down with Maddex to share his up-to-date account of the dire situation inside his homeland. 

"About 10.8 million people are in need of assistance" due to the civil war conditions in Syria, noted Maddex in his introduction. Additionally, due to the many consequences of the protracted war, "the whole population is really under hard conditions," explained Mr. Laham. Yet those who are working in relief efforts, he continued, persevere with faith, hope, and prayer. "We are the second largest organization on the ground...our vision in the future is to continue our work."

Reaching Our Young Adults: Fr. Joseph Purpura Interviewed on Ancient Faith Radio

May 1, 2015

On his Ancient Faith Radio podcast, "Becoming a Healing Presence," host Dr. Albert Rossi recently interviewed Fr. Joseph Purpura, the Archdiocese's chairman of the Department of Youth and Parish Ministries. The podcast, titled "Reaching Our Young Adults," discusses how to best communicate with and serve the Church's teens and young people.  

"In the Antiochian Archdiocese, we are serious about raising up a generation of disciples and leaders. Our goal in everything we do, is to move our young people closer and closer to Christ. It's always a joy to work with young people; the questions that they have are very deep and serious questions." 

He added, "My experience over the past 34 years of doing youth work, is that young people want to do what's right. We see our young people doing really beautiful things, in the name of Jesus Christ....I can't tell you the power, when an adult ask one of our kids to help. They need to know there is a purpose for them there (in the Church)."

Listen to the full podcast.

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