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Youth Music Ministry News

The Youth Music Ministry Program

In the summer of 2012, the Department of Sacred Music implemented a new program that generated great excitement and success: the Youth Music Ministry (YMM). For four years now, this program has run parallel to and in conjunction with the adult track of the Sacred Music Institute. YMM gives its participants, ranging in age from 14 to 18, the opportunity to study Choral Music, Byzantine Chant, Proper Vocal Production and Technique. They learn challenging new music, perform with their peers and participate in every Divine Service. They chant and sing, listen attentively to the Keynote Speakers and classroom teachers, asking pertinent and poignant questions. They come to understand their role in Sacred Music and their contribution to the music of the Church, a ministry that will be with them throughout their lives. This program brings together youth of like mind and spirit with a love for music and a desire to serve their Church, allowing them to work together for a common goal – to love God and serve with understanding. We have witnessed them making connections and lasting friendships that keep them grounded and linked to the Church during the most challenging years of their young lives. Truly, this is a program with a proven track record of success. For example: