Orthodox Institute 2014

2014 Orthodox Institute for Continuing Education in the Faith
Theosis: Your Life With God

A Weekend of Spiritual Renewal
October 30—November 2, 2014, at Antiochian Village
Contact: orthodoxinstitute2014@gmail.com, (717) 747-5221
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Since last year our Orthodox Institute topic was the Church, with "Blessed is the Kingdom," as the theme, it seemed fitting to then address the spirituality and "renewing" of the persons who make up this Kingdom. We welcome you to join us as our presenters help us explore the meaning of Theosis. Through discussion of such topics as the Jesus Prayer and fasting, we will strive to acquire the proper tools to achieve our greatest potential as Christians: Communion with God.

Theosis has been "rediscovered" in the last two centuries primarily on Mount Athos. One of the people who has made a great effort to bring the word into common usage is the prolific author, Fr. Anthony Coniaris, who is writing another book on the topic at this very time and was so excited to be asked to pen the keynote address. The title of his new book which will be published to coincide with our event, and the title of the keynote address is, "Tools for Theosis." Since he cannot travel, he has asked that his son-in-law, Dan Christopulos, give the address and bring boxes of signed books. We plan to skype-in Fr. Anthony for dialogue afterwards. Father Coniaris is the founder of the publishing house, Light and Life and the pastor-emeritus of St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dan Christopulos is the U.S. Country Representative for the I.O.C.C. His wife, Patty Coniaris Christopulous, is Manager of Operations at Light and Life Publishing Company.

Second Keynote
Our second keynote speaker, Dr. Kyriacos Markides, is Professor of Sociology at the University of Maine. He will speak on "Rediscovering Orthodox Spirituality in the Modern Day." He is the author of several books in which he seeks out mystics, in particular Christian mystics. He finds them in Orthodox circles. His travel journals are engaging, part theological and spiritual, part commentary on culture and educational for Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. Among his well-known books are The Inner River and The Mountain of Silence.

Core Courses (The three courses taught both Friday and Saturday)
For the first time, we have one person doing all three. Dr. Harry Boosalis, Professor of Dogmatics at St. Tikhon's Seminary will present "Freedom and Your Life with God," "Spiritual Warfare and Suffering," and "Love and Prayer." Having read and marked up his Knowledge of God, I know I liked what he said. His topics cover important aspects of theosis and I think those who take them consecutively will have a day of spiritual renewal—an idea that had been raised before as a "theme" for the OI.

Other Presenters:

Fr. Anthony ConiarisFr. Anthony Coniaris Dan ChristopulosDan Christopulos Dr. Kyriacos MarkidesDr. Kyriacos Markides Dr. Harry BoosalisDr. Harry Boosalis
Mother ChristophoraMother Christophora Martha CondraMartha Condra Fr. Michael GillisFr. Michael Gillis Fr. David HesterFr. David Hester
  Elizabeth WhiteElizabeth White Fr. John OliverFr. John Oliver  
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