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Site FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of content does the Department of Internet Ministry welcome for publication on the website of the Archdiocese?

Please send us informative and inspirational articles, stories, news, events, and resources that pertain to the people and ministries of our Archdiocese or other pan-Orthodox institutions endorsed by SCOBA. Provide us with text that is well-written and ready for publication. We will review all submissions, spot edit, and format, but we do not have the resources for substantial editing and proofreading. Be mindful that the attention span of an online audience tends to be short, and do be concise. You may also find our Submission Checklist and our Primer for Ministry Leaders helpful when preparing content for

I have something ready for submission. Where should I send it?

Please send your submission to An editorial staff member checks this e-mail daily, so it is the most efficient and direct way to publish your content. Our staff will post any standard request within three business days, particularly those requests sent by approved representatives of any archdiocesan entity. If there are editorial concerns with a request, we will respond within three business days to address them. If the request is more complex, we will shift it on to a “non-standard” track, and respond within three business days with some suggestions for how to proceed.

I have an image(s) to accompany my submission or that I think you might like to use on What are your guidelines for images?

Images are one of the most compelling features of any website. Please send images, but use your best judgment and be selective. If a picture seems mediocre to you, it will probably not boost the appearance of our website in general, or your content in particular. It is better to send one or two of the best pictures from an event, for example, rather than twenty that we will need to review. Please be aware that we may choose to crop or otherwise edit submitted images for web presentation. Submissions should be in JPEG format, and are best sent as e-mail attachments (to rather than pasted into the body of emails. Please also remember to include captions for all.

May I include PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, and other file formats for posting on

We can easily include PDF and Word attachments in posts. For the convenience of Mac users, PDFs are our first choice for printable, formatted content (e.g. brochures, flyers, charts, etc.). Other file formats should be submitted only under exceptional circumstances. We may require additional time to review and accomodate such requests, so please contact us early. Please consider carefully whether these formats are indeed the best way to communicate your information on

I see an error, have some feedback, or a question about content on this website. Whom should I inform?

The Department of Internet Ministries is grateful for your collaboration. Please do tell us what you like or do not like on this website, and let us know if you see an error. Again, the e-mail address is the most efficient way to reach our editorial staff. An editor will respond promptly to your feedback and see to any necessary corrections.

A word about parish directories: We have recently implemented a system to synchronize the official Archdiocese directory records and those listed on the website. Our online listings are synchronized with the registrar's database weekly. If you notice any incorrect information on the site about a parish, please e-mail Updates and corrections should appear online within a week.

My parish/diocese/ministry is hosting an event. May we publicize it through

Yes. The Department of Internet Ministry will gladly announce both large-scale and small-scale events happening throughout North America on this website. If the event is of broad interest, we may choose to highlight it on our homepage. If it is local or regional, we will post it in the News section of its respective diocesan page. Please remember to send us all of the basic information about the event, including the date, time, place, and name of the host parish with its city and state. Provide the necessary contact or RSVP information for prospective participants. If you include images, please provide captions (see aforementioned guidelines for images). Any other special instructions are appreciated.

My parish is developing its own website. Can The Department of Internet Ministry provide us with guidance or technical assistance?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Our staff does not have the resources to provide any kind of web development or technical assistance as our sole purpose is to serve the Archdiocese by developing and maintaining However, we have compiled a page of resources we hope will be helpful to beginning parish webmaster: please take a look at Your Parish and the Web. In addition, we would like to spread the word about your good work being done online. So, if you maintain a parish website and believe that there is something on your site worth highlighting across the Archdiocese, let us know!