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Diocese of Charleston News

Bishop THOMAS Visits St. Michael's in Monessen, PA

St. Michael Day 2008 Fr. Fred Pfeil of St. Michael's writes:

We were blessed to have our father in Christ, Bishop THOMAS, with us for our patronal feast of St. Michael the Archangel this year, November 8-9. We began the festivities with Great Vespers on Saturday evening, followed by a dinner at Rego’s Italian Restaurant in Charleroi, directly across the river from Monessen. The Parish Council with spouses, the Ladies’ Society officers, our Choir Director and Sunday School teachers shared the meal with His Grace and Fr. Fred.

Sunday morning began with Orthros and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. Deacon Glenn McIntyre of St. Ellien, Brownsville and Subdeacon James Purdy of St. George Cathedral Oakland, served with us. We sang the Trisagion Prayers for the Departed for the V. Rev. Archimandrite John Namie and Beverly Elias.

St. George in Pittsburgh Celebrates 100 Years

St. George Orthodox Church 1908-2008

Metropolitan PHILIP and Bishop THOMAS led the Cathedral community of St. George in Pittsburgh to celebrate their centennial, the 30th ordination anniversary and elevation of their dean to the rank of Archimandrite, the tenth ordination anniversary of their Deacon Ned, and the celebration of their dedicated church singers who have already served the Church between 50 and 75 years. This community is thankful to God for all that He has done in this community this last century.

The weekend began with Metropolitan PHILIP’s five hour journey from Englewood. Travel these days is rarely without delays and difficulties. Nevertheless, the Metropolitan arrived and offered the Cathedral leadership inspiration and encouragement. The Cathedral leadership shared their dreams and hopes for a parish center to house the Church school and develop opportunities for learning and spiritual growth. Sayidna spoke of his life’s journey and God’s successes in our Archdiocese through prayer, faithfulness and fortitude. Sayidna recognized the faithfulness of our community and our rich history as a leading community in the Archdiocese. He remembered many of our faithful clergy and laity and highlighted their contributions. The community shared some of the exciting programs and activities that we have initiated.

Bishop THOMAS visits St. Marys, Wilkes-Barre, PA + Oct. 12

st. marys1 Ordination of Stephen DeYoung to the Holy Diaconate.

st marys4

Brotherhood of St. Joseph of Damascus Clergy Retreat + Sep. 24-26, 2008

brotherhood Over twenty strong male voices filled Ss. Peter and Paul chapel with a heavenly sound as the clergy of the Diocese of New York and Washington DC, and the Diocese of Charleston, Oakland and the Mid Atlantic gathered with Bishop THOMAS in late September for their fourth annual clergy retreat at the Antiochian Village.

The retreat’s theme was the spiritual development of our youth, as well as ministering to our parishioners with special needs. The retreat was led by the Village’s own pastor - the Very Rev. Anthony Yazge. During our first session, Father Anthony reminded us of St. Clement of Alexandria’s words that the Church must implant within each child’s soul an ability to know God from the earliest age possible. This is the activity that must animate the children’s ministries within all our parishes. Fr. Anthony also discussed the differences in how children within various age groups understand the Church, God and prayer, and what these differences mean from a pastoral perspective. The session ended with the clergy discussing the challenges and the rewards they face in establishing an environment within their parishes that nurtures the spiritual growth of their children.

Bishop THOMAS visits St. Philips in Souderton, PA

Bp. Thomas Blessing From our brethren at St. Philip's Church:

A beautiful weekend was enjoyed by the St. Philip community when our Bishop THOMAS visited us October 3-5, 2008.

On Friday evening Bp. THOMAS and the teens got together for a bonfire and conversation, and Saturday morning the Parish Council hosted Sayidna for a delicious brunch.  The afternoon included visitation of the sick and shut-in.  Great Vespers on Saturday evening was followed by a carry-in supper.

The Sunday Matins and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was inspiring, with a glorious choir and congregational singing, as well as a homily which encouraged us to give of ourselves and not hold back the goodness of the Gospel from a world in need.  Sayidna also received a new member into the Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch: 

New St. Ignatius Members








Bishop THOMAS' Visits St. George in Upper Darby

Bishop THOMAS' visited St. George Church in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on September 28, 2008.

Bishop THOMAS visits Holy Cross Church in Linthicum, MD

Bp. Thomas - web From Fr. Gregory Mathews-Green:

Holy Cross Church, Linthicum, MD, was honored to host the visit of His Grace Bishop THOMAS during the weekend of our 15th Anniversary Patronal Feast Weekend (September 13-14).  The festivities included Great Vespers, a Grand Banquet, and the Sunday Divine Services, at which Sayedna THOMAS presided, preached and ordained two new subdeacons:   ordinations - web

At the conclusion of Saturday's Vespers, Sayedna blessed our newly-renovated Parish Hall and congratulated the congregation for their dedication and hard work in completing the project.  In addition, Sayedna met with the ladies of the Antiochian Women for Saturday brunch and conversation.  Because His Grace arrived early, we were also able to arrange visits to three OCF [Orthodox Christian Fellowship] sites: the Naval Academy, St John's College in Annapolis (, and the University of Maryland/Baltimore County ( 

Bishop THOMAS Visits St. George Church in Houston, TX

Bishop THOMAS visited St. George's Church in Houston, Texas on September 7, 2008:

2008 Parish Life Conference for the Eastern Dioceses

With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP and presided over by His Grace Bishop THOMAS, the 2008 Parish Life Conference for the Eastern Dioceses was held July 2-6 at the Embassy Suites, in Charleston, West Virginia. The conference was hosted by St. George Orthodox Cathedral, located across the street from the hotel.

On Wednesday evening, the clergy and their families enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner hosted by Phil & Gigi Michael. The meal was graciously prepared and served by members of the parish.

Bp. THOMAS Visits St. George in Altoona for its 90th Anniversary

Bp Thomas Fr. Stephen Lourie writes:

Our annual visit with Bishop THOMAS began with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy for the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos on August 14 and concluded with a banquet celebrating 90 years of service to our Lord in Altoona, Pennsylvania at the Holy parish of St. George on August 17.

During his arch-pastoral visit our beloved bishop met with our parish council over dinner, presided over a church picnic and outdoor Vespers, and celebrated Divine services. In addition, he met with parishioners, enjoyed an historical video presentation of the history of our holy parish and enrolled two new members into the Order of St. Ignatius.


Hierarchical Liturgy

(upper left and right: Hierarchical Dive Liturgy

left: Banquest w/Bishop THOMAS)


Prayers for Deliverance from Hurricanes

As you saved your apostles from perishing in a storm by calming wind and waves on you command, so now keep us safe and sound in this hurricane season.  Grant us favorable and benign weather.  Protect us from the unpredictable elements of nature.  Steer us from storm, flood, fire, illness, injury, disaster and sudden death.  Preserve us from all evil and harm for we, though sinful, are nonetheless the work of Your hands.  And You together with your Father who has no beginning and Your all holy good and life giving Spirit are our God in whom we live, move, and have being. Now and ever and unto ages and ages. Amen.

Seeing how your holy and powerful maternal intercessions and safe haven for the storm tossed, count us worthy of your prayers during this season of uncertain and threatening weather.  Beg your divine human Son to grant us mercy, forgiveness, health, safety and salvation over the coming months.  For He is sure to listen to you, His mother, the woman whom all generations call blessed.  Amen.

As the Lord gave you control over droughts and rainfall to prove His power to the wayward and unbelieving, plead with Him to keep stormy weather, heavy rains and destructive winds away from us. Help us with your heavenly intercessions for we know the prayer of a righteous man like you is powerful and effective as God is wondrous in His Saints. Amen.

Mission Trip to Kingwood, West Virginia

Brian Cavalier reports:

Kingwood Well Done

In 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson enacted the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965: “The Congress hereby finds and declares that the Appalachian region of the United States, while abundant in natural resources and rich in potential, lags behind the rest of the nation in its economic growth and its people have not shared in the nation’s prosperity.”  More than 22 million people live in the 406 counties that comprise Appalachia, embracing 13 states.  West Virginia is the only state entirely contained in that region.  The most distinctive trait that was and still is thought of when referring to the Appalachian people is their poverty.

Bishop THOMAS visits Holy Trinity Mission in Lynchburg, VA

His Grace, Bishop THOMAS made his visitation to Holy Trinity Mission on our Patronal Feast of the Sunday of the Most Holy Trinity, June 22, 2008. At Vespers on Saturday and at the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, His Grace charged our mission to reach out more effectively to our community, especially by developing a ministry of inquiry and hospitality to the downtown area. In response, we have secured a prime location to meet at 715 Main Street downtown, and will soon begin holding services and informational events there for the community, and hopefully soon developing an outreach to Liberty University with the help of Fr. Peter Gillquist. Our children presented His Grace with a "Dangerous Book for Bishops" (patterned on the popular "Dangerous Book for Boys") with their photos and icons of their patron Saints, and drawings of the many ministries of the Bishop as Shepherd, Administrator, etc. We thank God for His Grace's vision and love and for giving us a much-needed exhortation to service.

Bp. Thomas Visits St. Mary Church, Hunt Valley, MD

image003 The blessings of the Feast of Saints Peter & Paul were indeed many as the weekend was graced by the visit of Bishop THOMAS. He arrived on Friday with Subdeacon Simeon, a seminarian at St. Tikhon’s. Over dinner with the Parish Council, Sayidna spoke of serious matters with wisdom and also entertained the members with his wealth of delightful stories.

His Grace had a busy Saturday beginning with a luncheon in his honor hosted by the Ladies Society. The delicious food fed our bodies while our souls were nourished and uplifted by the Bishop’s inspirational talk before lunch and his laughter-producing tales during dessert.

At Great Vespers Sayidna spoke of the miracles that were happening at our parish. Growth has taken place in many areas since our Pastor, Fr. Theodoros Daoud, came to shepherd us less than three years ago. The Sunday School, Teen Soyo, and the Choir are all flourishing. Most importantly, the weekly services of the Paraklesis, Great Vespers, Orthros, and the Divine Liturgy are securely in place. Fr. Theodoros is a spiritual father who encourages his children to come regularly to Confession and Communion.

Bishop THOMAS Visits the Church of the Holy Spirit in Huntington, WV

imageOn the weekend of June 14-15, Bishop THOMAS visited the Church of Holy Spirit in Huntington, West Virginia, to celebrate the parish’s patron feast of Pentecost. The weekend began with the celebration of the Soul Saturday Divine Liturgy. Following the service, Sayedna met with parishioners over brunch. During the evening, following Great Vespers, the Parish Council hosted the bishop at Rocco’s Ristorante.

Bishop THOMAS Visits Antiochian Village

image The staff at Antiochian Village report that the beginning of summer has been a blessed one at the Village, where Bishop THOMAS much of mid-June with the staff and campers. Not only has he served the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on Wednesday, June 18, along with daily Orthros and Vespers, but he has been active among the youth. While walking the grounds of the camp, he has spent much of his time speaking with the young boys and girls about their experiences. On occasion, Bishop THOMAS will also jump into one of the activities with the campers. His sermons have not only been inspiring, but well received; as campers have already put to use his teachings.  The campers have truly responded to Bishop THOMAS in the most loving way, and God willing, he will be visiting the Village as often as possible for the remainder of the summer.

Bishop THOMAS Visits St. Anthony's in Butler, Pa.

Bishop THOMAS made his annual visit to St. Anthony Antiochian Church in Butler, PA on May 3-4.

A cake was given to him in honor of his Name Day, Thomas Sunday.

Sayedna had many encouraging things to say during the sermon of the Hierarchical Liturgy as well as when he met with parishioners during a covered-dish luncheon held in his honor.


Bishop THOMAS Spends Holy Week in Charleston

Here are photos from Holy Week and Pascha at the Cathedral in Charleston, WV.

Bishop THOMAS Begins Great Lent in Chambersburg

His Grace, Bishop THOMAS, spent Cheesefare weekend and the beginning of the Fast with the congregation of St. Mary Church in Chambersburg, PA. Arriving on Friday, March 7, he was greeted by Fr. Ted Pulcini, who met with him to inform him of developments in the parish since his visit last spring. On Saturday, March 8, His Grace participated in the Chant Class conducted by St. Mary’s Pastoral Assistant, David Jacobs, before presiding over Great Vespers, after which he met with the Parish Council over dinner at the Copper Kettle Restaurant in Chambersburg. On Sunday, March 9, after Orthros and the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Bishop THOMAS greeted parishioners during a special coffee hour prepared in his honor. That evening, he presided over Forgiveness Vespers and led the rite of forgiveness at the conclusion of the service. On Monday evening, he presided over Great Compline, which just this year has been added to the parish’s cycle of Great Lenten services. The next day, Bishop THOMAS visited Carlisle, completing a walking tour of Dickinson College, where Fr. Ted teaches. Completing his visit to Chambersburg on Wednesday, March 12, Sayyidna moved on to Westminster, MD, to begin his visit to St. James Mission.

Bishop THOMAS Presides at OCF Memorial Service at VTech










Students also participated in an evening vigil held on campus.

Induction at St. George Cathedral

Curtis Magnuson and John Ritter are inducted by Bishop THOMAS as knights in the Order of St. Ignatius, on Palm Sunday at St. George Cathedral in Pittsburgh.

Curtis Magnuson and John Ritter become Knights in the Order of St. Ignatius3Curtis Magnuson and John Ritter become Knights in the Order of St. IgnatiusCurtis Magnuson and John Ritter become Knights in the Order of St. Ignatius2

St. John Chrysostom Church Hosts Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers

On Sunday, March 16, 2008, 20 priests, 3 deacons, and more than 250 worshipers from 18 parishes in at least five jurisdictions gathered at St. John Chrysostom Antiochian Orthodox Church in York, Pa., to celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy.

The chanting and responses were led by the Pan-Orthodox Mixed A Capella Choir, comprised of choir members and singers of various participating parishes. This year the choir director was Khouria Pam Pier of St. John's. The guest speaker was Dr. Tristan Engelhardt, Jr., a professor at Rice University. George Vafeas, an 11th grade student of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Lancaster, Pa., spoke on "Bearing Witness to the Light of God." Three members of St. John's were inducted into the Order of St. Ignatius. After Vespers, an offering was received to support Orthodox ministries and a meal was served.

The parishes comprise the Orthodox Council of Churches of South Central Pennsylvania. In addition to yearly Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers (this was the 43rd), the group also meets for a yearly summer picnic in the area.