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Readings from Bishop Thomas

Readings from Bishop THOMAS

His Grace Bishop Thomas has long provided his flock with appropriate weekly teachings selected from his treasured collection of essays, articles, homilies and more, including many rare pieces from earlier decades of The Word.



February 11, 2015 + Never Pray for Revenge on Your Enemies

by St. John Chrysostom

If you pray for revenge on your enemies your prayers are sins...if you pray against your enemies you insult God who told you to pray for the court of the emperor one is not allowed to strike any enemy or in presence of emperor himself or else one is immediately are worse than the man who was forgiven and choked his friend for 10 pence because you do it in the presence of the king!... remember hell and punishment and vengeance in your prayers and you will not pray against your enemies...we pray against enemies because we scrutinize others sins but not our own when we ought to do the opposite.

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