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Diocese of Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York

An Antiochian Woman is:

    * A witness for Christ
    * A worker for the Church
    * A potential Saint
    * A worshipper of God and an image of the Theotokos
    * A wife, widow, mother, daughter, aunt, sister
    * A wellspring of knowledge of the faith

YOU are an Antiochian Woman.

Diocese of Ottawa and Upstate New York Officers, 2015-2017

Dawn Evancho
(919) 623-2585 (Cell)

Vice President/NAB Project
Sh. Shell Keim
(919) 522-9904 (Cell)

Recording Secretary
Angela Hays
(615) 579-1087 (Cell)

Dorothy Tampary
(850) 712-9008 (Cell)

Public Relations
Kathryn (Cassie) Tysinger
(813) 245-1868 (Cell)

Spiritual Advisor
Very Rev. Fr. Stephen Rogers
(615) 791-8134 (Parish)

Immediate Past President
Dorothy Tampary
(850) 712-9008 (Cell)

TBD Membership
Carol Larson
(843) 283-2402 (Home)

Sh. Myrna Martin
(615) 429-0025 (Cell)