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2013 Labor Day Weekend at St. George Cathedral

Fr. Olaf Scott writes:

St. George Cathedral in Charleston, West Virginia, welcomed back family and friends for the 2013 Labor Day Weekend. The two-day event included haflis, a banquet, raffle, and special coffee hour. The St. George Choir also performed "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Eye on the Sparrow", and "He Lives" before the banquet. His Grace Bishop Thomas, who served the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on Sunday, was in attendance for several of the events.

During the homily, His Grace asked the congregation to be passionate about God, the Church, and the scriptures. In order for us "to be inspired by God" we need to read daily scriptures, noting the church calendar provides a daily reference for us to follow. He commented that he notices many people using their smartphones regularly, and how easy it would be to use those devices to also read the word of God.

On Sunday, September 1st, after the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, St. George had a special service for the Liturgical New Year, officiated by Bishop Thomas, Fr. Olof Scott, and Fr. Stephen DeYoung. Following the Liturgy, three parishioners were inducted into the Order of St. Ignatius: Julie Mobayed (sponsored by Fr. Olof Scott), Harvey Ghiz (sponsored by Dr. Ganim Howard), and Phil Michael II (sponsored by Dr. George Howard). May God grant them many years!

We thank all parishioners, friends, and family from near and far who joined us in celebrating our annual Labor Day Weekend.