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Serving Notes for Divine Services with the Bishop

Preserve, O Lord, our master and chief priest = Ton dhespotin kai archierea imon
Many years, master = Eis polla eti, dhespota

Blessing for Church Service and the Tonsuring of Taper-bearers and Readers take place at
Vespers (immediately following St Simeon’s Prayer). Ordination of Subdeacons take place at
Orthros (immediately after the Holy God of the Great Doxology). Elevations take place at
Liturgy ((immediately before Wisdom. Stand upright.)

Bishop Thomas’s office has texts available through the computer for the Hierarchal Divine
Liturgy, Vespers, and Divine Liturgy when the Bishop is present but not serving. You may
email the office if you do not already have these texts. Please also note that for other
services you should use the Liturgical texts that are supplied by the Antiochian Archdiocese.
Please see the included books listed in the section titled “Your Basic Library”.