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Give the Gift of Truth

Give the Gift of Truth
Date: November 30, 2005
By Philip Nasr

Imagine if you were told that you held the key to eternity, that you would be able to live beyond time. How would you feel? Would you be filled with joy or fear? Would you keep it for yourself or offer it to others?

We must ask ourselves this very question because in fact we do hold the key to eternity. It is what we do with this key that will determine whether our lives are filled with fear or joy.

There are many Christians who believe in Jesus Christ and live a blessed life and yet, for one reason or another, are outside the Orthodox Faith. The Church teaches us that it is not our role to judge the salvation of these people: to do so is to sit on God’s throne. Nevertheless, as Orthodox, we know that we have been given the Truth about God and the Truth about Man in the teaching and worship of the Orthodox Church.  Therefore, if we do not live up to our commitment to Christ, we will face a far greater judgment by virtue of the fact that we have been blessed to know the truth. Central to our commitment to Christ and His Church is our obligation to relay His Truth to the world. We must all open our hearts and live like Christ so that everyone may witness and share in Christ, the Key to eternity.

Our society has transformed Christmas into a season of giving material gifts to one another. People look forward to opening a present from a loved one or a friend. Many people enjoy making others feel loved through gifts. Christ also wants to make His children feel loved by giving them the gift of Himself, and he expects us to be His co-workers in this endeavor. He wants us to make others smile by sharing the love He gives so freely to us.

As the Nativity of our Lord comes ever closer, we should take time to reflect on ourselves, family, friends, and especially on our prayers. We should remember Christ by giving to the Church, both monetarily and through our participation in Her sacramental life: we must not forget to return to Christ the best part of the love He so generously pours out on us.

Our Lord was born of the Holy Theotokos for the salvation of our souls. It does not matter how much you give to Christ, what matters is the fact that you give in obedience as God directs. Take time to talk to a friend. Invite someone to church. Talk to someone about the Church. Give as a Christmas gift a book on Orthodoxy or a CD of Church hymns rather than the latest movie or novel. This Christmas, give someone the gift of Truth: give someone the gift of Christ. 

Christ is born! Glorify Him!